PIM/Akregator port

Building Akregator2

Akregator2 is developed in the akregator_port branch of the kdepim, kdepim-runtime and kdepimlibs repositories.

Running git checkout akregator_port in these three repositories is enough to build Akregator2.

The master branch is merged regularly into the akregator_port branch.

Akregator2 will NOT replace Akregator. Both are installed and can be executed at the same time.

Code location

The Akregator2 related code is split between kdepimlibs, kdepim-runtime and kdepim.

  • Kdepimlibs/krss contains the feed parser and the Akonadi collections handling code.
  • Kdepim-runtime/resources/krsslocal is the main RSS resource.
  • Kdepim-runtime/resources/tinytinyrss is an Akonadi resource to sync data from a tinytinyrss hosting site.
  • Kdepim-runtime/migration/akregator is the migration tool. Please note that the existing Akregator archives are only parsed. No data will be removed.
  • Kdepim-runtime/agents/nepomukfeeder/plugins/nepomukrssfeeder.* is a nepomukfeeder plugin.
  • Kdepim/akregator2 is the Akonadi based Akregator program.
  • Kdepim/kontact/akregator2 is the Akregator2 plugin for Kontact.

Commit policy

  • Only Akregator2 related commits shall be pushed into the akregator_port branch.
  • Bug fixes and new features should be pushed into the 4.xx or master branch respectively.
  • Bug fixes for Akregator1 shall also be merged into the Akregator2 code if possible.
  • If your pending changes need to be reviewed, please use Reviewboard.
    • In the groups list, enter kdepim.
    • In the people list, enter osterfeld.

Known bugs

Complete bugs list

Most Important Issues:

  • Bug 297662 - Resource crashes when going quickly through unread items.
  • Bug 313751 - migrator tool stalls on the first run.
  • Bug 313760 - migrator sometimes appends articles to the wrong feed.
  • Bug 316376 - articles are not stored locally.

Needed features

  • [TODO] Local storage for feeds. Currently, there's no local storage for Akregator2 data. (maybe use a maildir?)
  • [TODO] Result of the above point, the migration tool should also handle locally stored Akregator2 data
  • [TODO] basic periodic fetching (can this be implemented using CachePolicy?)
  • [TODO] highlighting feeds currently fetched (in the old resource this was done using a custom dbus interface. Is that the only option? maybe use collection properties)
  • [IN PROGRESS?] (Alessandro) move interval fetching and archive options configuration to a resource configuration dialog

Optional features

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