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All about the search infrastructure of Akonadi.


Concept of the Akonadi search infrastructure:

Akonadi-search-infrastructure 20090723.png

Query Language


  • SPARQL: de-facto standard by now (used by Nepomuk and Tracker), but way too complex for automatic query transformations.
  • XESAM (?)

Search Backends


  • fast enough
  • cross-platform
  • persistent/live search with change notifications

Possible Backends

  • Nepomuk with Sesame2 or Virtuoso
  • Tracker (?)
  • XESAM (?)

Delegation to Resources

  • Requires query transformation
  • Requires management for live searches
  • Requires the ability to report search results (needs protocol extension) [done by now]

Virtual Collections

Virtual collections are used to report results, for details see PIM/Akonadi/VirtualCollections.

Nepomuk Feeder Agents

  • The delete/add approach removes otherwise added information such as tags when an item is modified.
  • Category to tag conversion uses non-Fast Nepomuk resources.

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