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The EUser static class (with static methods) allows you to easily handle user management on your website. Admin panel will support also for easy gfx users management.

Small reference:

  • bool EUser::login($nick,$pass) -> attempts a login with given credentials
  • void EUser::logout() -> Performs a logout() call on whatever user is logged.
  • void EUser::gdeny($group) -> Denies access to this page to all users belonging to $group
  • void EUser::gallow($group) -> Allows access to this page to all users belonging to $group
  • bool EUser::logged() -> returns true if user is logged else false
  • bool EUser::is_already_present_login() -> returns true if login is already present else false
  • bool EUser::is_already_present_email() -> returns true if email is already present else false
  • string EUser::password() -> returns user's password
  • string EUser::mail() -> returns user's mail
  • string EUser::id() -> returns user's id
  • string EUser::group() -> returns user's group
  • void EUser::register($nick, $pass, $group) -> attempts a registration to gfx user system with given $nick, $pass and $group

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