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ocs-server is an open source implementation of the Open Collaboration Services

Mailing List: not present
IRC Channel: #ocs on freenode

Ocs-server aims to write a working implementation of the OCS protocol. It's first objective is to provide KDE an open source content distribution system server-side that can take advantage of already existing technologies like libAttica, kNewStuff etc. We're currently using this server (stable version) for the Gluon Project.

Current status of development

As for now, we're gathering info about what is needed exactly to have a minimal working server that could replace current third-party software (kde-look) and have it run with "Get Hot New Stuff" software. We also have a working implementation running for the Gluon Project. Check out our webclient or directly query our server.

Contributing to ocs-server

The ocs-server developers would like to maintain a list of active tasks. We're still in the process of getting a todo board on As for now, you can talk with us on our IRC channel #ocs on freedone.

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