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This is a tech preview of the User Edition of KDE neon. It includes KDE Frameworks and Plasma built from stable released software, at time of launch that's Plasma 5.6.3. It uses Qt 5.5 because Qt 5.6.0 still has a bug which breaks Plasma. It uses the foundation of Ubuntu 16.04LTS. Updates for KDE neon packages will be available shortly after releases by each KDE project. There are no KDE Applications installed or built for Neon currently, we will add these shortly, but you can install many of them from Ubuntu archives.


KDE neon download

Known Issues

  • No KDE Applications and only xterm installed KDE neon Todo
  • UEFI (and Secure Boot) not working KDE neon Todo
  • Installer not listed in favourites
  • Installer's Prepare page is broken ubiquity bug
  • Installer final page allows continue button to be pressed which leads to early crash (weird this one, nothing reported yet as I've no idea how to diagnose it)


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