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(upstream issues ought to be filed/subscribed to and mentioned here)

  • Content snap not getting installed if snap depending on it gets installed
  • Theming
    • How to get theme settings from the host into the snap?
    • QtStyles are binary plugins and so even when we know which style is configured on the host we cannot just load it
    • Icon themes in /usr/share and ~/.local cannot be accessed from inside snaps
    • Same for mouse cursor themes
    • Same for fonts
  • There are no debug snaps making debugging of crashes nigh impossible. Possibly needs a way to catch and send cores and then retrace them server-side with (externally) generated debug symbol dumps?
  • File IO requires xdg-desktop-portals (with patches) + snapd (with patches). Needs landing or something.
  • No real way to run unit tests.

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