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How to Update Qt in Neon

  • Run both stable and unstable divert mgmt jobs to make developer builds go to /tmp/dev/unstable instead of /dev/unstable
  • Cherry-pick this commit into pangea-tooling and let is deploy to move builds into /tmp archives
  • List of packages for qtdoc rebuilds
    • For these Qt packages merge in order Neon/release into Neon/testing
    • For these the Qt packages merge in order latest tagged release from master into Neon/testing
    • Let them build
    • Trigger the builds again and check the turn green in Jenkins so they have built the new qtdoc stuff
  • Merge other Qt bits and build
  • Build stuff which deps on Qt-private-ABI:
    • akonadi
    • kio-extras
    • pyqt5
    • python-qt4
    • sip4
    • kdeclarative
    • kwayland
    • plasma-framework
    • breeze
    • kwin
    • plasma-integration
    • skrooge
  • Test
  • Copy Qt packages to release-lts, release, stable, unstable
  • Build Qt-private-ABI-deps in each edition FIXME but this doesn't work for diverted dev editions
  • Test
  • Snapshot user and user-lts
  • Undivert
  • FIXME openQA checks?

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