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The Neon Git repositories are at http://packaging.neon.kde.org

All KDE contributors can commit to Neon/* branches or any branch for repositories under neon/, forks/, neon-packages/ directories, it will reject commits to other branches.

They are clones of the repositories used by Debian pkg-kde team https://salsa.debian.org/qt-kde-team/. Any commits made to a Debian pkg-kde repository will be pulled into Neon Git immediately.

Add this to ~/.gitconfig

[url "git://anongit.neon.kde.org/"]
    insteadOf = neon:
[url "[email protected]:"]
    pushInsteadOf = neon:

and clone with:

git clone neon:kde/khotkeys

Anonymous Access

If you don't have a KDE account you can still clone the repo at

git clone git://anongit.neon.kde.org/kde/khotkeys


The repository neon:gitolite-admin has gitolite setup, hooks and hook server for those with admin rights (kde sysadmin does). Don't use anongit to check this out, do an explicit git clone [email protected]:gitolite-admin

neon-hooks/pre-receive is a hook to check the branch can be committed to

debian-hooks/debian-to-neon-post-receive is a hook for Debian pkg-kde Git repos to ping the neon server on updates

server/neon-fetch-request-server.py is an XML-RPC server run on the neon server which is called by the Debian hook and fetches updates from the Debian repos into the equivalent branches in our repos

maintenance/ scripts sync that all the Debian pkg-kde repos also exist on Neon Git.

local/hooks/common/post-receive pings the neon and DCI Jenkins servers to start a new build.

It uses gitolite3 on code.kde.org, administrated by the KDE sysadmin team.

Web interface is cgit.

Should you get a DuplicatedRepos (from DuplicatedRepos.Check) error during job updater because Debian has added a repo which was already in neon-packaging/ you will have to create Neon branches in the neon (aka neon:extras/coolpackage) sync of the Debian repo, remove the old repo from neon's gitolite conf, this should remove the repo automatically.

Settings up new repositories

To set up a new repository it is nice to make it first on the Debian server so the syncing is already set up and Debian/Kubuntu packagers know to use it.

  • Ask someone in #debian-qt-kde to create a repo in salsa - provide a link to upstream source when asking.
  • The repository should get automatically get picked up by neon infrastructure at most 60 minutes after creation
  • Make a Neon/unstable branch on the neon git repo and get a Jenkins admin to run pangea-tooling jenkins_jobs_update_nci.rb

To add a new repo directly to Neon under forks/ neon/ or neon-packaging/ ask an admin (Jonathan, Harald etc) to add it to the gitolite-admin conf/gitolite.conf file. Then check it out directly from the master server, it won't be mirrored to the anongit server, e.g. git clone [email protected]:forks/mustache-d and add a commit to master. If the repo is a fork of debian packaging outside of pkg-kde, then create a mirror of said repo. To set up a mirror: e.g.git clone https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/kbibtex cd kbibtex git push --mirror neon:forks/kbibtex Then create neon branches as usual.

The Set Up

  • neon:gitolite-admin has hooks in .gitolite/hooks/common which are symlinks to neon-hooks/ that get added to new repositories
  • .gitolite/hooks/update is the normal hook from gitolite that does whatever gitolite needs
  • neon-hooks/post-receive pings jenkins to start a new build
  • neon-hooks/pre-receive rejects pushes to non-neon branches and sets up remote to Debian if it exists
  • neon/website and neon/releases.neon.kde.org have a post-receive hook to update their websites (no longer used for websites at least)
  • cron on the gitolite server runs bits to restart the servers and run the check scripts:
# Hourly sync of new repositories from salsa.debian.org
@hourly python3 ~/config-sync/gitolite-admin/maintenance/update-gitolite-setup.py
# Daily full sync of all repositories from salsa.debian.org
@daily python3 ~/config-sync/gitolite-admin/maintenance/update-gitolite-setup.py --fetch-all-repositories

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