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The Neon Git repositories are at

All KDE contributors can commit to Neon/* branches or any branch for repositories under neon/, forks/, neon-packages/ directories, it will reject commits to other branches.

They are clones of the repositories used by Debian pkg-kde team Any commits made to a Debian pkg-kde repository will be pulled into Neon Git immediately.

Add this to ~/.gitconfig

[url "git://"]
    insteadOf = neon:
[url ""]
    pushInsteadOf = neon:

and clone with:

git clone neon:plasma/khotkeys

Anonymous Access

If you don't have a KDE account you can still clone the repo at

git clone git://


The repository neon:gitolite-admin has gitolite setup, hooks and hook server for those with admin rights (kde sysadmin does).

neon-hooks/pre-receive is a hook to check the branch can be committed to

debian-hooks/debian-to-neon-post-receive is a hook for debian pkg-kde Git repos to ping the neon server on updates

server/ is an XML-RPC server run on the neon server which is called by the Debian hook and fetches updates from the Debian repos into the equivalent branches in our repos checks for all the repositories on in debian pkg-kde and adds any missing to neon. This gets run nightly on Jonathan's server embra.


It uses gitolite3 on, administrated by the KDE sysadmin team.

Web interface is cgit.

Settings up new repositories

To set up a new repository it is nice to make it first on the Debian server so the syncing is already set up and Debian/Kubuntu packagers know to use it.

  • Ask someone with access (Jonathan etc) to ssh; cd /git/pkg-kde/place-to-put-it; ../setup-git-repository <new-repo>
  • The repository should get automatically get picked up by neon infrastructure at most 60 minutes after creation
  • Make a Neon/unstable branch on the neon git repo and get a Jenkins admin to run pangea-tooling jenkins_jobs_update_nci.rb

The Set Up

  • neon:gitolite-admin has hooks in .gitolite/hooks/common which are symlinks to neon-hooks/ that get added to new repositories
  • .gitolite/hooks/update is the normal hook from gitolite that does whatever gitolite needs
  • neon-hooks/post-receive pings jenkins to start a new build
  • neon-hooks/pre-receive rejects pushes to non-neon branches and sets up remote to Debian if it exists
  • neon/website and neon/ have a post-receive hook to update their websites (no longer used for websites at least)
  • cron on the gitolite server runs bits to restart the servers and run the check scripts:
# Hourly sync of new repositories from
@hourly python3 ~/config-sync/gitolite-admin/maintenance/
# Daily full sync of all repositories from
@daily python3 ~/config-sync/gitolite-admin/maintenance/ --fetch-all-repositories

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