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KDE neon in Containers

We make container images of KDE neon for quick and easy testing of KDE software without having to reinstall your distro.

Use distrobox to easily run these.

Distrobox documentation.

Install docker with your distro or e.g. snap install docker.

Install distrobox from your distro apt install distrobox or with e.g. wget -qO- | sudo sh.

Some handy commands...

You can replace unstable with testing or user

distrobox create --image

distrobox enter plasma-unstable

distrobox-export --app kate #run inside the container and exports a desktop file to your host system's menu

distrobox upgrade plasma-unstable #upgrade your container via apt when in your host shell

Full tweaking list at at the distrobox github docs

Full Session

You can experiment with full session instructions.

Container images

Available flavours
Plasma minimal All applications