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Ye ole Jens and ye master Harald be proposing thusly:

By default in the Plasma:

  • Plasma
  • KSysguard
  • KInfoCenter
  • Discover
  • System Settings
  • Other stuff we probably forgot

The user gets:

  • One Plasma
  • One Dolphin
  • One Yakuake
  • Many a great KWrites
  • KTorrent
  • VLC

The devs get:

  • One Plasma
  • One Dolphins (with special labour settings it was suggested but is not clear what was meant, such as addendums to Dolphin that may help a developer or other similar labour hand)
  • One Yakuake
  • One Konsole
  • Many Kates but no KWrites
  • KTorrent
  • VLC for the pornographic materials


  • Designer
  • KDevelop
  • Assortment of terminal weaponry

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