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[[File:Mascot konqi-app-science.png|thumbnail|right|Try the new formula with [[Konqi]]!]]
[http://neon.kde.org [[File:Kdeneon.png]]]
[http://neon.kde.org [[File:Kdeneon.png]]]

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Try the new formula with Konqi!


Mission Statement

KDE neon provides an easy and elegant way for people to test the latest from KDE, or use the latest releases of KDE Software.



  1. Incubator for KDE neon
  2. The Founding Plan
  3. Applications Selection

Developer Communication

#kde-neon on Freenode IRC


User Communication and Support

See social media links on http://neon.kde.org

Forum: https://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=309

Logo by Jens. It is intended to be varied, there is no official layout of it, use the logo only, text only, text on logo in fancy colour, go wild. Neon is a constantly changing target.



  • Jonathan Riddell
  • Harald Sitter
  • Valorie Zimmerman
  • Jens Reuterberg
  • Ken Vermette
  • David Wonderly
  • Raymond Wooninck
  • Scarlett Clark
  • ...you! Come and join us.


This is one KDE project out of hundreds. If you're looking for an official KDE distro this is not it.

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.