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Qt framework

Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Compile and run all test and benchmarks, also make sure they pass BogDan <BogDan>

IN PROGRESS QSystemTrayIcon BogDan <BogDan>

DONE x86 support BogDan <BogDan>

DONE Rewrite/redesign the software keyboard support BogDan <BogDan>

IN PROGRESS Android style plugin. We must to implement an android plugin, Qt apps must look the same as native Android apps. BogDan <BogDan>

IN PROGRESS Android menus simulation/use. We need to find a way to use android menus or to paint them from Qt. [email protected]

TO DO Find a way to compile for all android platforms at once BogDan <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS x86 support BogDan <BogDan>

TO DO Find a way to compile for all android platforms at once, and handle the results corectly x <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Written documentation for Android platform x <{{{3}}}>


Support all android platforms

  • Find a way to support as many android platforms we can. Currently platforms < android-8 are not supported by all QtMobility modules.



  • QtWebKit 2.2.x is still 2x times slower than Google's WebKit.

Platform Issues


  • Make it so that the Windows version can be built from Linux (mingw cross compiler support, quite a lot of work, esp. building Python which needs to run itself to compile the modules under Wine)
  • Fix make.exe -j support (would help with building on Windows as otherwise it requires baby-sitting).
  • Add support to 7za and installer-framework for symbolic links on Windows (see msdos command mklink) so there's no need to remove symlinks from the packages (and also MinGW's ln program)
  • Fix webkit build failure on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Fix installer framework so that it can install from local packages folder instead of always having to use the network -> this already works on Mac OS X (just modify config.xml to use file:/usr/www/ etc), but not on Windows (where it works partially, updates.xml is loaded but nothing else); I'm not sure about Linux, maybe add a command line option to override the repo url?

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