Ministro uses three different repositories:

* unstable this repository is used by Necessitas developers to test next major release. Should not be used by developers.
* testing this repository is used to release a new Necesistas version. The new version will stay in this repository for at least on month to give enough time to developer to test their apps using the new release. The developers should use Ministro Configuration Tool (it can be downloaded directly from here) to switch to testing repository.  Additional update will be released in testing repository and the period may be extended if any regressions are reported. A new update must stay at least two weeks in testing repository. After this period the this version will be uploaded to stable repository. 
* stable this is the default repository for all Android users, so it must be rock solid!

Repositories status

* unstable 0.4 (alpha 4)
* testing 0.34 (alpha 3 update 4)
* stable 0.34 (alpha 3 update 4)

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