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  • opposing use-cases
    • from simply playing to all-encompassing app
    • merging those two is hard to impossible
    • we need apps to support both!
  • online content like spotify
    • we need something similar if we want to stay relevant
    • access to more content you can buy
    • deals with amazon, 7digital, grooveshark, ...
    • same will likely happen with video
  • amarok's interface is hard to use!?
    • wiki page to gather pet-peeves
    • hit-and-run mockups
  • integrating nepomuk
  • how to find good radio stations?
  • lots of critizism for pulseaudio but not all fair - often alsa bugs that pulseaudio brought up
  • a lot of things have been fixed nown in the whole stack
    • situation is improving
  • solution: make everything as optional as possible