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General Organisation


The Sprint will be held from May 20th to May 25th 2010, with the following basic schedule:

  • 20.5. arrival, starting from 16:00 local time
  • 21.5. sprint
  • 22.5. sprint
  • 23.5. sprint
  • 24.5. sprint
  • 25.5. departure, before 11:00 local time


How to get there

Randa and Switzerland is in the middle of Europe and as this reachable from several directions. There are three possible airports:

  • Zurich, Switzerland
    • By train via Zurich and Visp (change the train there). Duration: slightly more than 3 hours
  • Geneva, Switzerland
    • By train via Visp (change the train there). Duration: 3 and a half hours.
  • Milano Malpensa, Italy
    • By train via Visp (change the train there). Duration: atm unknown. Still investigating.

From these airports you'll take the trains to reach Randa (which takes approx. 3 hours). Information about the train schedules can be found on the webpage of the Swiss federal railways SFR.

The track from Visp to Randa is frequented by a very famous train: the Glacier Express which is known as slowest fast train of the world ;-).


The floorplan indicates that we can use:

  • Basement:
    • 1 large dining room (14 x 5 m)
    • 1 meeting room (6 x 5 m)
  • Parterre:
    • 1 large dining room (14 x 5 m)
  • 1st floor:
    • 1 meeting room (3 x 4 m)
    • 6 single rooms
    • 1 triple room
    • 1 dormitory for 8 (bunk beds)
    • 1 dormitory for 14 (bunk beds)
  • 2nd floor:
    • 1 meeting room (5 x 6 m)
    • 5 single rooms
    • 2 family rooms (2 beds + 2 bunk beds)
    • 1 dormitory for 8 (bunk beds)
    • 1 dormitory for 14 (bunk beds)
  • 3rd floor:
    • 1 meeting room (5 x 6 m)
    • 4 single rooms
    • 1 double room
    • 2 family rooms (2 beds + 2 bunk beds)
    • 1 dormitory for 8 (bunk beds)
    • 1 dormitory for 14 (bunk beds)
  • 4th floor (Attic) :
    • 1 meeting room (13 x 12 m)
    • 1 meeting room (5 x 5 m)

There is no elevator!

The pricing is as follows (all prices -20% since it is in the low season):

Prices are always /bed/night children aged 2 - 6 in parents room aged 2-20 over 20
Dormitory / Bunk Beds Fr. 6.50 Fr. 13.00 Fr. 15.10
Rooms Fr. 6.50 Fr. 21.50 Fr. 21.50

Additional mandatory costs per person/night (local tax):

  • age 2 - 16 -> Fr. 0.55
  • over 16 -> Fr. 1.10

Additional one time costs per person (doesn't apply if you come with a sleeping bag):

  • Bed linen -> Fr. 30.00

Additional cost flat rates (for the whole group, of course):

  • Heating per day -> Fr. 75.00
  • Kitchen use per week -> Fr. 200.00

Please do not add those prices to your travel cost estimation in the list below.


Don't forget your walking shoes!

Attendees List

The column "Sponsoring needed?" is to know if you need sponsoring or if you pay the travel/stay by yourself.

Please keep in mind that food and drinks are not sponsored. Switzerland is rather expensive in that regard but we have already found a way to lower the costs. A cooking plan will follow, so please be precise on your food habits (especially important for vegans/vegetarians or people with food allergies).

Name email Project Arrival Departure Airport Flight Food preferences Room preferences Estimated travel costs Sponsoring needed? Work Special
Myriam Schweingruber myriam AT kde DOT org Amarok 20.5. 25.5. none by car no Brazil nuts or Kiwi room 12 (I need my sleep) 20 € yes Organization, bug triaging for Amarok and Phonon will use my car for transportation (food shopping, etc.)
Mark Kretschmann kretschmann AT kde DOT org Amarok 20.5. 25.5. none by car eats everything room 14 (I snore) 20 € yes Organization, Amarok developer none
Mario Fux mario AT unormal DOT org KDE 20.5. 25.5. none by train eats everything at least once Chalet yes Organization
Martin Sandsmark sandsmark at samfundet dot no Phonon 20.5. (tentatively) 25.5 (tentatively) Zurich TBA No mushrooms no 330 € yes maintainer, code monkey yes
Fathi Boudra fabo at kde dot org Phonon VLC 20.5 25.5 no pork no ? yes Phonon VLC backend maintainer, developer
Téo Mrnjavac +1 Amarok none by car 2 vegans 33 yes, TBC Amarok developer
jb VLC
Beat Wolf
Franklin Zura
Dan Leinir admin AD leinir DOT dk Amarok, Gluon ? ? ? ? Just about anything None ? no Usability guy on Amarok, part of Gluon (game engine) development team
Bart Cerneels Amarok
Christian Esken
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen nhn AT kde DOT org Amarok
Harald Sitter apachelogger AT ubuntu DOT com Kubuntu ? ? ? ? None room 25 ? yes Downstream (implemenation) ?
Sven Krohlas Amarok
Sabine Emmy Eller s.eller at voxhumanitatis dot org Vox Humanitatis, KDE Edu depends on transport depends on transport 36 yes
Bèrto 'd Sèra berto.d.sera at gmail dot com Vox Humanitatis, KDE Edu depends on transport depends on transport 37 yes
Casey Link Amarok
Kevin Funk Amarok
Anne-Marie Mahfouf annma AT kde DOT org KDE Edu 20.05 25.05 Geneva Easy Jet eats everything 11 €150 yes KDE-Edu overall, GHNS, organization, work with Vox Humanitatis people
Patrick Spendrin
Jeremy Whiting
Daniel Laidig
Alessandro Diaferia
Jens-Michael Hoffmann
Vladimir Kuznetsov
Christoph Pfister Kaffeine
Akarsh Simha
Michał Małek K3b
Thorsten Rahn Marble
Helio Castro
Ian Monroe
Alex Fiestas Kamoso
Glen Kaukola
Sebastian Trüeg Nepomuk
Andrew Lake
Lydia Pintscher lydia kde org Amarok/KDE edu/... ? ? ? ? none room 27 ? yes ? ?
Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn kde org edu, friends of Amarok, Nepomuk interested eats everything room 26 KDE, Edu, GHNS, stuff
Alexandre Freitas admin AT alexandref DOT com Amarok / KDE EDU ? ? ? ? No preferences ? ? yes Graphic Designer / KDE Promo Team Brazil
Tomaz Canabrava [email protected] KDE EDU ? ? ? ? No preferences ? ? yes Developer / KDE Promo Team Brazil
Martin Aumüller aumuell AT reserv DOT at Amarok 20.05 or 21.05 25.05 none by train room 10 (with Mxcl and Muesli) Amarok developer




The Edu team will plan and manage on community.kde.org.

Please enter your details on this page, but everything else on community.kde.org.



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