Multimedia/PR Notes

Taken by User:Tdfischer from the Akademy/2012/PRWorkshop.

  • Why is it important? What does it do?
    • More people
    • Better retention of users and contributors
    • More diverse community
    • Faster integration of PR volunteers
    • Positioning, project perception, branding
    • Recognition
    • Funding
    • Press
    • Cross polination

News release requirements:

  • A brief description of what the project does
  • Link to the website
  • Announcements get forwarded, lots of journalists are signed up on announce lists and often forget they're on such lists.

Elevator pitch

  • 30 seconds
  • Does the project solve a problem?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • "<ABC> is the <special or best> <thing> for <certain kinds of people> who want <something awesome>, <in the way they want to do it>."
    • Example: "Moodle is the free web application that educators can use to create online learning sites, that are effective."
    • Example: "<Drupal> is the <easy> <web development platform> that allows <anyone> <to organize, manage and publish their content>, <with an endless variety of customization>
    • Phonon is the Qt library for developers who want to play multimedia effortlessly.
    • <KDE Multimedia> is the <amazing> <collection of applications> that lets <anyone> <organize, manage, and enjoy multimedia> <exactly how they want to>.
  • No need to mention the license. If they want to know that, they'll ask. It isn't a selling point.
  • Boast! Brag! You're working for the project because you think it is the best one out there. Since its the best, tell them that it is!
  • "In FOSS, everyone says their project is 80% done, because it isn't perfect." - We provide 100% of what we provide. If there are bugs or missing features, they'll pay you to finish it. Sell the improvement, not the problem. They are talking to you because you have a solution, not something that needs "finishing".

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