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2nd Marble Developer Weekend Sprint, October 19-21 2012

We'd like to invite all people who are interested in Marble Development: may it be through coding, graphics design, promotion, packaging, documentation, website or other areas.

The Marble Developer Weekend Sprint will be held at the OpenSUSE Conference 2012 in Prague.

You have an interesting story to tell about Marble? You'd like to make Marble a great educational tool? You've built some software based on Marble? You're a Marble newbie and you'd like to get involved with KDE-EDU or Marble development? You dream of Navigation and Routing with Marble? -- We'd like to see you at the sprint!

The Marble Weekend Sprint is sponsored by the KDE e.V.. Thanks a lot for supporting Marble!


The Marble Sprint will be held from October 19-21, with the following basic schedule:

  • 19.10. arrival, starting from 16:00 local time (Friday). I suggest we meet at the Cafe Traverza. That will be the same place where the openSUSE conference welcome party takes place. See:


Jens-Michael and me will arrive at about 21:00 at this place. We could then meet there. Once everybody has arrived we could decide whether we stay in this place or whether we move to a different place in order to have dinner.

  • 20.10. sprint (Saturday), Lightning talks after noon.
  • 21.10. sprint (Sunday) and departure starting from 18:00 local time.
  • 22.10.-23.10. Marble Hacking Marathon

Location & Accomodation

The 2nd Marble Developer Weekend will be held at the OpenSUSE Conference 2012 in Prague. We will get a special dedicated room for our Marble sprint.

For Accomodation the same suggestions apply as for the OpenSUSE conference: See the webpage Accomodation on the openSuSE Conference website for more details.

Hotel Krystal is one of the primary addresses there and costs about 40 EUR for two persons per night.

How to get there

Attendees List

The column "Sponsoring needed?" is to know if you need sponsoring from the KDE e.V. or if you pay the travel/stay by yourself.

Name email Arrival Departure Airport Flight Train Food preferences Estimated travel costs Sponsoring needed? Work Special
Torsten Rahn rahn AT kde DOT org 19.10. 21.10. none none ? No apples ;-) 90 € + accomodation yes Marble Core Developer Event organization
Dennis Nienhüser earthwings at gentoo dot org 19.10. 16:30 21.10. 15:30 none none yes none 120 € + accomodation yes Marble Core Developer yes
Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde dot org 19.10. 13:26 21.10. 16:29 none none yes none 90 € + accomodation yes Calligra map shape no
Utku Aydın utkuaydin34 (at) gmail (dot) com 19.10 20:15 21.10 19:05 PRG yes none veg. & no alcohol 295 € + accomodation yes Contributor no
Bernhard Beschow bbeschow at cs dot tu dash berlin dot de 19.10. 21.10. none none yes none € 70,25 + accomodation yes Marble Core Developer no
Jens-Michael Hoffmann jmho at jmho dot de 19.10. 21.10. none none ? none 100-130€ + accomodation yes Marble Core Developer No photographs of me allowed


Friday: 05.11.2012

15:00-18:00 Arrival at the hotel

Saturday: 20.10.2012

Starting at 9:00 We'll have a set of short presentations:

- "Let's get the Marble rolling ...",  Torsten Rahn
- "Research Projects using Marble (you probably didn't expect)",  Dennis Nienhüser

13:00 Lunch

- Workshops, coding and discussions

In the evening: Dinner

Sunday: 21.10.2012

- Coding and discussions

13:00 Lunch

- Summary, press release preparation

In the evening: Departure


To be discussed: Since we will only have little time available for presentations and workshops we thought about having some short lightning talks on saturday or sunday.

Feel free to make suggestions. State of :

- Android / Plasma Active port (Marble Touch).
- UI (desktop/small devices)
- Routing
- OpenGL
- Tiles
- GeoPainter / drawing
- GeoData / ModelView
- Plugin APIs
- Architecture/Design/APIs
- Coding Style
- Maps: Natural Earth


Live protocol. T: task, I: information

PR / Websites

  • I: Server needed for satellite tiles, routing data, osm vector data
  • I: No existing KDE server available, funding needed
    • T: Approach KDE e.v. and ask for funding
    • T: Ask community for funding

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