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We need some GSOC projects. Please fill this page up with suggestions.
#redirect GSoC/2012/Ideas
= KDE Multimedia =
== Consistent Look and Feel ==
<apachelogger> what I would like to have is a unified appearance for the kdemm apps
<apachelogger> but different from the rest of kde
<apachelogger> perhaps integrating plasma theming or something
<apachelogger> then again plasma themes don't even look good on plasma
<apachelogger> oh well
<apachelogger> something different anyway
<apachelogger> something darkish perhaps
<apachelogger> dark always looks good on multimedia stuffz I think
<tdfischer> it does
<tdfischer> gives the theater experience
<apachelogger> talking about that
<apachelogger> so the other day I came around to install xbmc
<apachelogger> man that thing looks hawt
<apachelogger> if plasma mediacenter gets only half as hot...
<apachelogger> and it should with qml
<apachelogger> mhhh qml2 shaders
= Amarok =
= Dragon =
= Phonon =
== Implement encoding capabilities ==
* create an Encoder media node
* define a bunch of common output formats (mjpg, mp4, stuff)
* other useful properties for the Encoder (like output resolution, depth?)
* implement the Encoder in the backends (phonon-vlc, phonon-gstreamer)
* design somewhat similar to AudioDataOutput or VideoDataOutput
* test by transcoding various media
Applications could use Phonon to do transcoding, or to save videos from recording devices.
Currently Phonon can grab images from webcams for example, but can't do anything useful with them.

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