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We need some GSOC projects. Please fill this page up with suggestions.
#REDIRECT [[GSoC/2012/Ideas#KDE_Multimedia]]
= KDE Multimedia =
== Consistent Look and Feel ==
<apachelogger> what I would like to have is a unified appearance for the kdemm apps
<apachelogger> but different from the rest of kde
<apachelogger> perhaps integrating plasma theming or something
<apachelogger> then again plasma themes don't even look good on plasma
<apachelogger> oh well
<apachelogger> something different anyway
<apachelogger> something darkish perhaps
<apachelogger> dark always looks good on multimedia stuffz I think
<tdfischer> it does
<tdfischer> gives the theater experience
<apachelogger> talking about that
<apachelogger> so the other day I came around to install xbmc
<apachelogger> man that thing looks hawt
<apachelogger> if plasma mediacenter gets only half as hot...
<apachelogger> and it should with qml
<apachelogger> mhhh qml2 shaders
= Amarok =
= Dragon =
= Phonon =

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