Multimedia/100 Papercuts

User:Tdfischer wants to eliminate 100 rough edges in kdemultimedia for KDE 4.9. If you find one, add it to this list. If you fix it, strike it off.


  1. Juk Tag guesser is undocumented


  1. KMix is listed as "KMix KDE 4" in pulseaudio client list
  2. KMix vertical sliders look awful
  3. KMix wording for blank tabs is very awkward. "Recording Streams" instead of "Nothing is recording audio."
  4. There should be VU meters in KMix.
  5. Dragon's "last played" list is super tiny. Perhaps some Zeitgeist integration?
  6. When playing audio, the stream metadata on the window is large, unformatted, and doesn't say stuff like "Artist: %s", "Title: %s", etc.
  7. The "Play Media" button in Dragon should toggle to reflect what display you are looking at: media selection, or playback.
  8. Previous/Next chapter buttons in Dragon are enabled when they aren't usable
  9. Juk can take a long time to start up
  10. KMix dialog is really narrow by default.
  11. More often than not, you want to turn down a specific application than your entire system volume in the mixer dialog. Should move "Playback Streams" to first spot and rename to "Playback". Have a look at pavucontrol.
  12. Moving streams to different devices in KMix isn't immediately obvious. Who thinks to right-click on a slider?
  13. KMix window context menu is complicated. How is "configure shortcuts" within the context of Amarok's playback volume?
  14. It'd be nice to be able to right-click the popup dialog in KMix and move a stream to a different device.
  15. When the artist and album info aren't available, Juk just shows a mysterious dash below the title.
  16. Why show Juk notification that your album art is downloaded, when the dialog that says it is done has focus?
  17. Juk doesn't show the album art if you've just downloaded it until you change songs or views
  18. Phonon KCM backend has a big empty space when there is no backend specific configuration.
  19. Resizing panels in Amarok leads to lots of flicker and brief drawing weirdness with scrollbars getting cut off, things appear to slide outside the window, etc.
  20. A "reset to defaults" button in KMix:
  21. Whats This tooltips in KMix:
  22. KMix size is not always restored:
  23. KMix volume slider is backwards in RTL locales:
  24. Right-click kmix for phonon systemsettings:
  25. When muted, the KMix OSD should show 0% instead of the current volume:
  26. Display KMix OSD when changing the volume via scroll-wheel:
  27. Should be able to switch pulseaudio profiles in KMix:
  28. Unable to lock KMix channels:
  29. KMix icon Context menu is confusing:

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