Meetings/September BW Sprint

September Baden-Wuerttemberg Sprint

This page is meant to collaboratively organize the September'10 Baden-Wuerttemberg Sprint in Stuttgart. The sprint does not feature a specific topic inside KDE but is open to all contributors to KDE either living in the area or willing to travel to Stuttgart.

Date and Location

Date: Friday, 03.09. - Sunday, 05.09.2010
Location: shack Stuttgart, Map
shack will kindly provide us the location - their hackspace - and free network for the weekend. We'll use it cooperatively, so we might be able to get some of them interested in contributing to KDE. Of course local people might be interested in what shack has to offer as well :-)
shack will also sell drinks throughout the weekend and have asked us not to bring any of our own. This will relieve us of bringing them ourselves and will help them get some of their expenses covered. Don't worry they're still cheap at 1,50€ per 0,5l bottle (Club-Mate as well as regular softdrinks)


Some of the things are still preliminary but will be ironed out soon. Feel free to propose interesting stuff we could do.


20:00 Dinner - some restaurant, location to be announced (exact time as well)
22:00 Night out in town - party at will


10:00 Meeting at shackspace
10:15 Introductory round
10:30 Lightning talks
12:00 Lunch - Barbecue organized by shackspace people
13:00 Hacking
19:00 Dinner - either some restaurant or on-site
21:00 Hacking (open end)


10:00 Meeting at shackspace
12:30 Lunch - either some restaurant or on-site
13:30 Hacking (open end)

Lightning Talks

Everyone's invited to talk about his project/work/some other interesting topic related to KDE. If you want to give a talk of around 10 minutes (German/English), just append your name and the topic of your talk to the list.

Michael Leupold (lemma): KDE und der Secret Service
Probably revamping some parts of my Akademy lightning talk but in German and reporting on some of the progress I've made in the meantime.
You?: Your topic



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