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(Adjusting the meta file)
(Adjusting the meta file)
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then edit the file
then edit the file
maps-v3.php      (newer marble versions since 2016)
Copy one of the existing <stuff> tags as a template, e.g.:  
Copy one of the existing <stuff> tags as a template, e.g.:  

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Uploading the map theme to our KDE server


Create a zip file of your map theme. It's important that you create the map theme so that all subdirectories starting from the planet name (e.g. "earth") are included. So the directory structure inside your zip file should look like this:


The directory name needs to match the id of the map theme file. The id of the map theme file should be lowercase. If the map theme refers to a historical map it should be named after the family name of the original creator of the map and the year in which it got created. For all other map themes go for a short and simple name that reflects the map well.

Make sure that your zipped map theme file will then adhere to the following naming scheme:


In addition to the zip file you also need the icon preview file. It should be named in the same way:


ssh into the server

Initially you need to send your ssh public key to our sysadmins

Once that is done you can

ssh -l marble depot.kde.org

Enter the directory


and check the files inside using "ls" to get a better understanding of how the files are stored. Note that the .meta file is not needed anymore. Also recent Marble linux clients use the zip file instead of the tar-ball.

Then log out again and copy your files directly:

scp schiaparelli1886-* [email protected]:~/web/newstuff/maps

Adjusting the meta file

Checkout the marble website sources:

git clone [email protected]:websites/marble-kde-org

then edit the file


Copy one of the existing <stuff> tags as a template, e.g.:

 <stuff category="marble/data/maps">
   <name lang="en">Mars - 1886 - Schiaparelli.</name>
   <author>Giovanni Schiaparelli</author>
   <licence>Public domain</licence>
   <summary lang="en">A historical Mars map that shows the "mars canals" as seen by Giovanni Schiaparelli in 1886. Converted for use in Marble by Gábor Péterffy.</summary>
   <preview lang="en">schiaparelli1886-preview.png</preview>
   <payload lang="en">http://files.kde.org/marble/newstuff/maps/schiaparelli1886-marblemap.zip</payload>


 <stuff category="marble/data/maps">
   <name lang="en">OpenTopoMap</name>
   <licence>Creative Commons-by-SA 2.0</licence>
   <summary lang="en">A free topographic map which has been created from OpenStreetMap and SRTM data. The map style is inspired by official maps and focuses on legibility through high contrast and balanced signatures. Credits: Map data: © OpenStreetMap Contributors, SRTM | Map style: © OpenTopoMap.</summary>
   <preview lang="en">opentopomap-preview.png</preview>
   <payload lang="en">http://files.kde.org/marble/newstuff/maps/opentopomap-marblemap.zip</payload>

Then commit and push your changes.

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.