We want to simplify packaging and maintenance of Marble. And we want to make it easier for KDE application authors to link against the marble library by getting rid of a kde-edu dependency.

So starting with KDE 4.5 the Marble source code is supposed to be reorganized:

Marble Qt Library

  • It's Qt Only. No KDE dependencies.
  • Contains the actual Marble library. Suggested package name: "libmarble". "libmarble" should contain the essentail graphics which are necessary to display stuff graciously. Therefore Graphics inside "libmarble" should include such as the current directories data/svg, data/mwdbii, data/icons, data/ico, data/bitmaps and dgml file and the level zero tiles of the maps: Atlas, Satellite, OSM and Plain Map.
  • Contains the recommended base data. This includes the data of the most basic maps: Atlas, Satellite, OSM and Plain Map. Suggested package name: "libmarble-data". "libmarble-data" should contain the current directories such as data/flags, data/weather, data/stars.
  • Contains all base plugins.
  • Provides the Marble Qt application (Executable: "marbleqt") as an example application (Compilation of this part can be switched off at wish).
  • Located in SVN at kdesupport/libmarble
  • Provides Qt development documentation, bindings and tools for Marble. Suggested package name: libmarble-dev.

Marble KDE application

  • Depends on Marble Qt library (in kdesupport/libmarble).
  • Provides the Marble Application (Executable"marble"). Suggested package name: kdeedu-marble.
  • Provides the KPart. Actual location of this part in SVN needs to be evaluated for best reuse.
  • Provides optional data ( Moon, Historical Map, Precipitation, Temperature, etc.). Suggested package name: kdeedu-marble-data
  • Located in SVN at kdeedu/marble


  • What should happen to the worldclock plasmoid? Move it to the other KDE plasmoids (which would depend on libmarble inside kdesupport).

Migration Plan

1. Jens-Michael ("jmho") starts to get rid of QTONLY in MarbleDirs.

2. Get rid of all the kde specific cmake code below marble/src/lib (no "if (QTONLY)" anymore)

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