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;[[/GeoDataParsing|Parsing GeoData]]
;[[/GeoDataParsing|Parsing GeoData]]
;[[/GeoDataUse|Using GeoData classes]]
;[[/GeoDataUse|Using GeoData classes]]
;[*checkout*/trunk/KDE/kdeedu/marble/src/lib/geodata/data/README.html GeoData API Description]

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GeoData Overview

The Marble Framework has got two major design goals:

  • The Marble Framework should build strongly on Qt-API principles and Qt design concepts.
  • The map data should be handled using classes that are modelled after the KML OGC standard.

The KML standard itself describes the properties of a data model for maps:

GeoData holds the data model that is internally used for any geographic information which should be rendered. It deals whith the data only, drawing is performed elsewhere.

GeoDataDocument describes a document.

A model representation is built through parsing of files and creating a stack of GeoDataObject representing its data. The Geodata objects are all modeled after the Google KML files as defined in the KML documentation.

Parsing GeoData
Using GeoData classes
GeoData API Description

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