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** [[France|KDE in France]]
** [[France|KDE in France]]
** [[KDE India|KDE in India]]
** [[KDE India|KDE in India]]
** [[RU|KDE in Russia]]
* [[KDE Women]]
* [[KDE Women]]

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Konqi and the KDE community
Community.kde.org is the working area for the KDE community. It provides a place for sharing information within the community.
KDE operates three wikis, listed at https://wiki.kde.org/

Welcome to community.kde.org. Here you will find information for members of the community, including how to get involved if you aren't already.

Note: before editing the wiki, look at Help:Contribute#Organisation to see where to add content.

Hot right now

Community Information Hub

Information useful across many projects, or for the KDE community as a whole.


Get Involved</translate> <translate>

New to KDE? If you want to start contributing, start here.</translate>

Policies</translate> <translate>

Policies covering development of KDE software.
Related: Guidelines and how-tos</translate>

Schedules</translate> <translate>

Upcoming freezes and release dates for KDE's main products.</translate>

Events</translate> <translate>

Conferences, sprints and other events in KDE, including Akademy.</translate>

Infrastructure</translate> <translate>

Infrastructure provided for KDE projects, such as source control and systems for translators.</translate>

Guidelines and how-tos</translate> <translate>

Guidelines for creating good software, and helpful information for contributors that is not project-specific.</translate>

Keynotes and presentations</translate> <translate>

Keynotes and presentations by the KDE community.</translate>

Community Management and Coordination

These teams help keep the KDE community running smoothly by providing support, administration and arbitration.

Things to deal with:

  • KDE.org Websites
    • KDE Forums - Information about forum.kde.org for developers and contributors
    • KDE Student Programs - Functional guide of season.kde.org for students, mentors and admins
  • KDE — various documentation affecting the entire community

Cross-Project Teams

These teams work on areas common across lots of projects, sharing their expertise and working on tasks that individual projects often don't have the resources to manage on their own.


These are pages for specific projects. These can be pieces or collections of software, specific websites or other relatively self-contained areas of work.


These are groups that come together based on shared experiences, rather than because they are working on the same thing.

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