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* [[KDE Science]]  
* [[KDE Science]]  
* [[KSecretService]]
* [[KSecretService]]
* [[KDE Connect]]
* [[Krita]] — Painting for Digital Artists
* [[Krita]] — Painting for Digital Artists
* [[KWin]]  
* [[KWin]]  

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Community.kde.org is the working area for the KDE community. It provides a place for sharing information within the community. KDE operates three wikis, listed at https://wiki.kde.org/

Welcome to community.kde.org, the working area for artists, programmers, writers, translators, and everyone that is making and improving KDE.

Newcomers are welcome, see Get Involved for information about starting as a KDE developer, artist, promoter, and many other roles.

The community wiki is the collaboration place for the community. It is used for publishing and sharing community-internal information. Work in progress or information targetted at very small groups of people is suitable content for the community wiki. It also acts as a staging area for content which later is moved to techbase or userbase.

Important note for editing the wiki: community.kde.org uses a hierachical namespace. Projects and subcommunities can add their own content under a top-level "directory" name. If you want to add content for a new project or subcommunity please add it under its directory and list it on the front page. Please check carefully if it's already there before adding new content. If you don't find a place and don't want to create a new directory, add your content under the scratchpad namespace

Most of the content, which currently is at techbase.kde.org/Projects should go to community.kde.org.

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Policies, Schedules, Infrastructures and so on....

Policies covering development of KDE software.
Related: Guidelines
Upcoming freeze and release dates.
Events in KDE, including Akademy
KDE infrastructure.
Further Information
Links to other resources.

KDE Teams



Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.