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LibKVkontakte is a Qt4/KDELibs4-based C++ library implementing job classes for asynchronous interation with the VK social networking site (

A Qt5/KF5-based version is coming soon.

Project Status

The project is currently maintained by Alexander Potashev (aspotashev).

All 4.x.x releases (including the 4.10.0 release and all earlier ones made as part of digiKam SC) are ABI/API compatible.


Some classes are documented in the code in a Doxygen style. For usage examples see unit tests (autotests/test_*.cpp in the repository) and the Vkontakte KIPI plugin (vkontakte/* in the kipi-plugins repository.)

How to collaborate

LibKVkontakte is a KDE project, so we use the usual ways to communicate to each other, and to work together.

Project Page

KDE Project Page

Mailing list

We're using the kde-imaging mailing list kde-imaging as the main user of the library is the Vkontakte KIPI plugin.

Release schedule

Version Type Date Tars Date Release Comments
1.0.0 - 4.10.0 - - 2011 - 2015 Releases made as part of digiKam SC
4.10.90 Beta Thu 2015-05-19 Tue 2015-05-19 First release separate from digiKam SC
4.11.0 Release 2015-05-24 2015-05-24 kipi-plugins-4.11.0 will depend on this
4.99.90 Beta ? ? First KF5-based version (beta)
5.0.0 Beta ? ? (before digiKam SC 5.0.0 release on 2015/12/20) First KF5-based version

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