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While Ubuntu does have a wide selection of software in their official apt repositories, as well as what is available in the official (but unsupported) Backports repository, providing packages for newer KDE SC versions (as well as some major applications) is often beyond the scope of these official software channels.

This is why Kubuntu use the Launchpad PPA system for their KDE technology upgrades.

Standard Ubuntu Repository Overview

Important Security Updates

This is where all your security fixes come from.

Recommended Updates

Normal package updates come from here. Note that you will not always get every new KDE version.

Unsupported Updates

This is the official Ubuntu Backports repository. this unsupported channel mostly contains individual packages "backported' from a newer Ubuntu release, but will usually provide a minor KDE SC "point" release if it provides significant bug fixes and stability.

Kubuntu's PPA Repositories


Kubuntu Updates

Updates for Kubuntu releases which are due to go to Ubuntu Updates. Mostly KDE point releases.

Example: Kubuntu Intrepid 8.10 users would be able to test out upgrading from KDE SC 4.1.2 to 4.1.4 before those packages were moved to Ubuntu Updates.

Use Case:

  • Releases that are supposed and qualify to go to Ubuntu Updates
  • Releases that do not qualify for Ubuntu Updates but have low risk of regression
  • KDE SC point releases
  • Amarok point releases
  • KOffice point releases

Kubuntu Backports

Backports of new major versions of KDE SC and major KDE apps for Kubuntu which are not yet tested enough to go to Ubuntu Backports.

Example: Karmic users would be able to try out upgrading Kubuntu Karmic's KDE SC from 4.3.x to 4.4.0 without having to wait for Lucid's release.

Use Case:

  • Releases of new major versions
  • Releases that are tested but still bare a considerable risk of regression (for example due to a large change in the dependency stack, such as requirement bump from Qt 4.5 to 4.6)
  • KDE SC major releases and such that imply major stack changes
  • Amarok major releases and such that imply major stack changes
  • KOffice major releases and such that imply major stack changes

Kubuntu Beta Backports

Backports of pre-release versions of KDE SC, Plasma and major KDE apps, not suitable for production environments but good for those wishing to help test upcoming KDE features and software.

Use Case:

  • Any kind of pre-release that is suited for general testing
  • Any kind of release that is expected to be imperfect and requires (more) testing
  • KDE SC alpha/beta/rc releases
  • Amarok alpha/beta/rc releases
  • KOffice alpha/beta/rc releases
  • Note that backports also suites pre-release software that cannot be included in the current dev series (so for example if lucid is in feature freeze, kdevelop's unstable version would land for both karmic and lucid in beta-backports)

Kubuntu Experimental

Experimental software or experimental packages, not suitable for production environments nor for those wishing to help doing regular testing. This PPA should only be used by people who know how to recover a system and are well instructed by the developers.

Example: The Kubuntu tool software-properties gets ported to C++, for initial testing it gets published to Kubuntu Experimental to ensure there are no grave issues that render sources.list unusable.

Use Case:

  • Any kind of untested software that might break the system gravely
  • Packages that might break the system gravely
  • Anything that is endangering the user's system and does not fit any other PPA

Kubuntu Package Staging


The staging PPA is a build ground for new packages and whole package stacks (such as KDE SC), once they are staged they get moved to the most appropriate PPA from above. In consequence this means that staging can contain anything from an update to an experimental package and thus might very easily break your system.

Example: Before a new KDE SC gets published to the Kubuntu Backports PPA, it gets built in the clean environment of the staging PPA, once all packages are built and upgrade testing is done, all of staging gets moved to Kubuntu Backports.

Use Case:

  • Staging only (PPA must be cleaned first to ensure coherent stacks)

Kubuntu Continuous Integration (CI)

The Kubuntu CI system does builds from KDE Git master along with Kubuntu packaging. It is useful for developing and testing KDE software as well as Kubuntu packaging. It replaces Project Neon 5. Builds of KDE stable branches are due to be added in the future.

Kubuntu CI Unstable Weekly packages from unstable-daily are moved here after manual weekly testing. These packages are used to build the Kubuntu CI images. To use this for utopic you will also need to add 'ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next and install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop.

Kubuntu CI Unstable Daily daily builds of KDE Git master with Kubuntu packaging, packages are moved here from unstable (below) if they build properly, can be installed over the previous build and if they can be purged. To use this for utopic you will also need to add 'ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next and install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop. ← If unsure, use this archive

Kubuntu CI Unstable daily builds of KDE Git master, also updated every time Kubuntu packaging is updated. To use this for utopic you will also need to add 'ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next and install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop.

Kubuntu CI Package Build Reports

Kubuntu CI Jenkins has the output from the builds along with their status, useful for packagers and to catch compiler problems that are not caught by KDE CI such as symbol changes.

Kubuntu CI Unstable Weekly ISO Installable Images

Kubuntu CI Weekly ISO Installable Images use the packages from Kubuntu CI Unstable Weekly to give you an installable image with packages made from KDE Git, these images have been tested manually as well as with automated checks. Download unstable-i386-latest.iso. They replace the Neon5 weekly images.

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