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Here, at Kubuntu we pride ourselves on being the "Friendly Computing" community!

Our aim is to provide a robust, high quality, desktop computing experience based upon the KDE Software Compilation installed as a distribution flavour of the "Ubuntu" GNU/Linux operating system.

This Wiki is the centralised collection of Kubuntu resources. In a Nutshell, "you've come to the right place. We have organised this Wiki based upon categories / areas that you might want to consider getting involved in.


Just being here in the first place is a contribution. Perhaps this will come as something of a surprise, but just being a Kubuntu user represents a significant contribution to our community. After all what point is there in creating a fantastic computer operating system, if there are no fantastic users, actually using it ?

Interested in becoming a Kubuntu member ? Then the following resources will help


We're really proud of our user documentation which you view here our aim is provide amazing documentation. If you're interested in working on our documentation, then the following resources will be useful.


Do you like installing and experimenting with the latest and greatest software ? Want to see what's coming up in future releases, and be ahead of the curve ? Then Jump right in start testing.

Bug Fixing

Do you have a knack for fixing stuff ?

The why not become one of the "Kubuntu Bugs" team


Perhaps you're destined to be a Kubuntu Ninja. Our packagers are revered, respected and greatly valued in our community. Imagine how you'll feel knowing that millions of people around the globe are using software that you built and packaged. Check out these pages to get started, and remember we're on hand in #kubuntu-devel on and on the kubuntu-devel mailing list to help and support you.



At Kubuntu we maintain a CI ( Continuous Integration ) software build system, which is responsible for much of the heavy lifting when it comes to packaging, and testing.

propose to deprecate

These links appear to be unmaintained and need updating or deprecating.

  • Kubuntu/ProjectNeon (this is very excessive information and the stuff about neon in the techbase is more suitable really)

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