Krita/docs/meetings/2015 11 16 Agenda

Agenda for Planning Meeting 16.11.2015

  1. Release process
    1. Calendar/Checklist:, Krita Release Calendar
    1. 3.0: Release schedule
    2. 2.9: How many releases are left? 2.9.10, 2.9.11...
    3. 2.9: Animation. 2.9-based test releases for Windows and Linux (without translations).
  1. Coding Priorities
    1. Kickstarter stretch goals
    2. Vc 1.0 port
    3. 3.0 Tablet support
      1. Windows
      2. Linux
      3. OSX
    4. A man from St. Petersburg wants to create a UIX design of tablet interface for Krita (no coding, just the design) -- Note: that's nice, but we've already got one?
  1. Wiki's
    1. Documents on the wiki need a bit of love. There is no way to find, e.g. KF5 build instructions unless you have a direct link somewhere. Propose using Special:PrefixIndex keyword like in [1] --- Note: has direct links, so how hard is this really?

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