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The goal of Krita Touch is to provide a touch friendly framework for painting applications on touch devices, such as Plasma Active or Android. The application should support drawing sketches to full feature paintings.


First release

List of features:

  • one infinite layer
  • save/load to .kra
  • brush selector
  • color selector
  • undo


This if the view of the main window for drawing: Kritatouchmockup main.png

Color selector window: Kritatouchmockup colorselector.png

Brush selector window: Kritatouchmockup brushselector.png

The dash board should allow the user to configure widget to show (for instance, using some kind of plasma containers), those widgets would be a layer box, an undo history, sketch book, quick filters... This view also feature a permanent toolbar for new, open, save and settings. Kritatouchmockup dashboard.png

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