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|10th Aug
|10th Aug
| ~EUR 1100
| ~EUR 1100
| (2-person bedroom preferred)

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2019 Krita Sprint

Proposed dates: August 6 to 9

This is a general meet-up, not like the October 2018 sprint focused on only bug fixing.

Location: Korte Assenstraat 11, Deventer


As soon as possible, go to:


  • You only need to ask for reimbursment for your travel costs. Accomodation will be handled by Boudewijn.
  • KDE e.V. reimburses, not pre-imburses. If that is a problem, the Krita Foundation can help out.


  • Fundraising
  • Steam:


Please put your name below if you're coming along with arrival and leave dates

Name Arrival Leaving EstimatedTravel Costs Notes about diet
Boudewijn Rempt
Irina Rempt
Rebecca Breu 5.8. evening 9.8. No cilantro
Jouni Pentikäinen 5th 10th 470 eur No dairy or fish
Noemie Scherer
Agata Cacko 5th 9th probably ~150 euro will come with another person
Wolthera van Hövell asume me to be there for the full length 50 euro
Scott Petrovic probably coming in a day early leaving a day after ~1000 euros (flight + train)
David Revoy 6 Aug. (probably end afternoon) 9 Aug. (probably early) 300 euro
Alberto Eleuterio Flores Guerrero Probably coming in a day early Probably leaving a day after 1000 euro I can help to cook
Kuntal Majumder 5 Aug 10 Aug probably 700 - 800 euro
Emmet D O'Neill August 5th August 9th ~$1,400
Eoin P O'Neill August 5th August 9th ~$1,400 I avoid seafood and shellfish, but don't change plans around me.
Raghavendra Kamath 5th August 10th August 800 euro approx. Okay with anything
Dmitry Kazakov 5th August 10th August 400 euro approx.
Maria Malahova 5th August 10th August 450 euro approx. (need two-person bedroom)
Sharaf Zaman 5th August 10th August 800 euro approx.
Iván Yossi 5th August 10th August 1300 euro approx.
Sarah Tepes 5th August 10th August two person bedroom needed
Silvia Ritter 5th August 10th August two person bedroom needed
Xingyun "tusooa" Zhu 5th Aug 10th Aug ~EUR 1100

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