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* Blender Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Blender Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
===Where we sleep?===
* Stayokey hostel
* we have got 2x 6 bed rooms
* Lukas will send you email with instructions about the hostel

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Krita Sprint 2011


The Krita sprint is held on 20. May til 22. May.


  • Blender Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Where we sleep?

  • Stayokey hostel
  • we have got 2x 6 bed rooms
  • Lukas will send you email with instructions about the hostel


Fill out at least the travel costs and if you need accommodation and sponsorship. For the travel cost please give an rough estimate.

Name estimated travel costs accommodation needed? sponsorship needed? Arrives Leaves Travel information availability
Lukáš Tvrdý not yet known yes yes friday sunday by airplane or train
David Revoy around 300€ yes yes fri/sat sun/mon by airplane (Toulouse)
Timothée Giet around 300€ yes yes friday sunday by airplane or train
Boudewijn Rempt not yet known yes yes friday sunday by airplane or train
Sven Langkamp Blender Institue ~80€ Linuxhotel ~0€ yes yes friday sunday by train
Matus Talcik 0 yes yes friday sunday
Dmitry Kazakov around 320€ yes yes friday sun/mon by airplane
Silvio Grosso n/a not in Amsterdam yes friday sun/mon n/a
Cyrille Berger around 150€ yes yes friday sun/mon by airplane
Bugsbane XXXX€ yes yes Friday Sun/Mon by airplane Anytime except Early - mid October
Adam Celarek 200 yes yes friday sunday

Doodle: http://doodle.com/h65u9utpib6p6qtq

Invited people


  • David Revoy
  • Animtim
  • Silvio Grosso

Possible other invites:

  • pippin -- discussions about the performance of the Krita


  • demonstration of the various other painting software -- what do you miss in Krita?
  • pizza
  • goals for the next 12 months
  • breakout sessions on various topics.

Outlines of the first organization meeting

Live version is here: http://piratepad.net/KritaSprintOutlines

Ideas for sprint

1) Photoshop7 as a reference of performance
2) Long time ago it was believed that the lack of speed was provoked by general code to support many colorspaces (PS7 and Gimp (used to) support RGB,CMYK,G only). We need to prove or refute this statement.
3) Discuss multithreaded subsystem for tools (dmitryK + ?)
4) Based on 3) discuss abilities to implement mipmapping (as a long-term plan)
5) Automatic speed-regression testing (like the thing implemented by pippin)
6) ROI for the scheduler -- are we interested in it, how much performance we can gain with it?

Memory consumption:

Krita is the greediest raster graphics app I have seen in action. We need to somehow fix our memory consumption, for instance through in-memory compression of tiles.

OpenCL does not provide toolchain, Photoshop is faster without SSE3 (and, probably without OpenGL (need check),

1) either focus on one topic (performance vs usability) 
       performance : LukasT, dmitryK, Animtim
       usability (that empowers performance) : Bugsbane 
2) having both:
   a) parallel BoFs 
   b) one day performance, one day usability
3) a general track on day 1, BoF on day 2
pippin is interested, but might be occupied
Some non-related topics:
1) Discuss the system to save arbitrary data between strokes (DmitryK + LukasT)
2) Listem to a lecture from LukasT on the topic "Brush Mask Generation and Friends" (DmitryK) =)
3) Comic Book Studio
4) Release a training DVD about comics drawing with Krita (Animtim)

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