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Name Assignee Deadline
Day -5 (Friday)
Check the version number in CMakeLists.txt Dmitry Kazakov Day -5 (Friday)
Create a tag in Git *and* CC to the mailing list Dmitry Kazakov Day -5 (Friday)
Update the version number in CMakeLists.txt to the next one Dmitry Kazakov Day -5 (Friday)
Make a source tarball for downloads.kde.org Cyrille Berger Day -5 (Friday)
Make translations source tarballs for downloads.kde.org Cyrille Berger Day -5 (Friday)
Make a prebuilt translations tarball for Window, Mac and AppImage

The final tarball will be shared on:

You can check its upload date at the listing of the directory:
Dmitry Kazakov Day -5 (Friday)
Day -2 (Monday)
Prepare a release announcement for Krita.org Day -2 (Monday)
Update Krita Lime packages Dmitry Kazakov Day -2 (Monday)
Build OSX DMG package Boudewijn Rempt Day -2 (Monday)
Build AppImage package Boudewijn Rempt Day -2 (Monday)
Build a Windows .zip package (32 and 64-bits) Stefano Bonicatti Day -2 (Monday)
Make a .msi package out of .zip Windragon Day -2 (Monday)
Let people on IRC to test the new packages:

Linux (AppImage)
Linux (Krita Lime)
Day -2 (Monday)
Day -1 (Tuesday)
Prepare translation of the release announcement for vk.com Dmitry Kazakov Day -1 (Tuesday)
Day 0 (Wednesday)
Post the announcement on krita.org Boudewijn Rempt Day 0 (Wednesday)
Make posts about the release on social networks:

Wolthera van Hövell Day 0 (Wednesday)
Update links on krita.org Scott Petrovic Day 0 (Wednesday)

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