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This page is for documenting the new features and bugs that get fixed from 1st of july 2015 till whenever the 3.1 release is.
This page is for documenting the new features and bugs that get fixed from 1st of july 2015 till whenever the 3.1 release is.
==Feature Template and an example==
* [Short Feature Name]
** [Short explanation in 2-5 sentences]
** [Screenshot] Screenshot and/or video should small and catchy, so it would be possible to post it in social networks.
* Example:
* New Icons!
** All the icons are reworked to fit a single style and not distracting the user form his work
** http://vk.com/photo-38024296_377216662

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We will be releasing 2.9.x versions of Krita until 3.1 is ready for end users. Every month a new 2.9.x is expected.

This page is for documenting the new features and bugs that get fixed from 1st of july 2015 till whenever the 3.1 release is.

Feature Template and an example

  • [Short Feature Name]
    • [Short explanation in 2-5 sentences]
    • [Screenshot] Screenshot and/or video should small and catchy, so it would be possible to post it in social networks.
  • Example:
  • New Icons!


  • Allow 'shift'-modifer after dragging an assistant handle to snap lines.
  • Add snap-single checkbox under assistant snapping.
  • Update brushes with optimised versions.(Basic_tip_default.kpp, Basic_tip_soft.kpp, Basic_wet.kpp, Block_basic.kpp, Block_bristles.kpp, Block_tilt.kpp, Ink_brush_25.kpp, Ink_gpen_10.kpp, Ink_gpen_25.kpp)
  • New widget for picking the color profile! Works best with RGB profiles, but improvements are coming.
  • [FEATURE] Make color picking with shortcuts work in Wrap Around mode
  • [FEATURE] Make Fill Tool work in Wraparound mode!
  • [FEATURE] Implement 'Scalable smoothness' feature for Stabilizer smoother
  • update tooltips for toolbox icons
  • Port away from using KIO in our filters
  • Right click to undo last path point.
  • BUG: 348626 Update tooltips to include keyboard shortcut.
  • Make the default size of the toolbox buttons dependent on screen resolution.
  • [FEATURE] Added ability to merge down Selection Masks
  • Improve loading of PSDs of any colour space big time. 16bit CMYK psd files can now be loaded.
  • [FEATURE] Implement loading for ZIP compressed PSD files
  • Right click on the toolbox to change the icon sizes
  • BUG:348742 Add three shortcuts to fill with opacity
  • BUG:336686 Make icon size of the toolbox configurable
  • New Icons!
  • XCF: load group layers from XCF files v3 or higher
  • Add Tangent Normal Brush Engine: https://userbase.kde.org/Krita/Manual/BrushEngines/TangentNormalBrush and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiX60EWyMF8 for more info.
  • Add mathematically robust normal map combination blending mode.
  • Slow down updates for randomized brushes.
  • added convert to shape for selections
  • Added Trim to Image Size action
  • Optimie dodge and burn filter.
  • [FEATURE] Multiple layers merge with layer styles on Ctrl+E. (1) "Merge selected layers" is now deprecated and you can use usual Ctrl+E to merge multiple selection 2) Mass-merging of layers with layer styles works correctly now 3) Merging of clone layers together with their sources will not break Krita now.)
  • Make color to alpha work with 16f channel depths
  • Add new shortcuts (Scale Image to new size = CTRL+ALT+I, Resize Canvas = CTRL+ALT+C, Create Group, Layer = CTRL+G, Merge Selected Layers = CTRL+ALT+E, Feather Selection = SHIFT+F6 )

2.9.6 (9th of July)

  • [FEATURE] Add possibility to continue a Crop Tool action
  • Speed up of color balance, desaturate, dodge, hsv adjustment, index color and posterize filters.
  • Activate Cut/Copy Sharp actions in the menu
  • Optimize per channel filter.
  • Implemented continuation of the transform with clicking on canvas
  • new default workspace
  • Add new shortcuts('\' opens the tool options, f5 opens the brush editor, f7 opens the preset selector.)
  • FEATURE: Show the tool options in a popup(toggle this on or off in the general preferences)
  • Add three new default shortcuts (Create group layer = Ctrl+G, Merge Selected layer = Ctrl+Alt+E, Scale image to new size = Alt+Ctrl+I )
  • Add an 'hide pop-up on mouseclick option' to advanced color selector.
  • [FEATURE] Make brush 'speed' sensor work
  • Allow preview for "Image Background Color and Transparency" dialog.
  • [FEATURE] Selection modifier patch is finally in! (shift=add, alt=subtract, shift+alt=intersect, ctrl=replace. Path tool doesn't work yet, and they can't be configured yet) (19th of June)

  • [FEATURE] Implemented a composite RGB curve for Curves filter
  • Adding a Fish Eye Vanishing Point assistant.
  • Added concentric ellipse assistant.
  • Have the colour selector pages' 'defaults' button only set the current page's defaults.
  • Added memory locating configuration to Krita, as well as putting the profiler option into the UI: (https://userbase.kde.org/Krita/Manual/Preferences/Performance)
  • Create a copy of a currently open image (filling wish 348256)
  • Add a one way pressure sensor(in the sensors) (filling wish 344753 )
  • Added a reporting functional for memory consumption in Krita

Fixed Bugs

  • BUG: 351599 Fix abr brush loading
  • BUG:343615 Remember the toolbar visibility state
  • BUG:338839 Do not let the wheel zoom if there are modifiers pressed(Patch by [email protected] Thanks!)
  • BUG:347500 Fix active layer activation mask
  • Remove misleading error message after saving fails
  • BUG 350289 : Prevent Krita from loading incomplete assistant.
  • BUG:350960 Add ctrl-shift-s as default shortcut for save as
  • fix Bristle brush presets
  • Fix use normal map checkbox in phongbumpmap filter UI.
  • Fix loading the system-set monitorprofile
  • Make cs-convert UI attempt to automatically determine when to uncheck optimise
  • CCBUG:351488 Do not share textures when that's not possible
  • Remove disabling of system profile checkbox
  • CCBUG:351488 Update the display profile when moving screens
  • Update the display profile after changing the settings
  • Fix crash due to calling a virtual method from c-tor of KisToolPaint
  • BUG:351664 Disable the layerbox if there's no open image
  • BUG:345285 Correctly install the xcf import plugin on Windows
  • Fix Fill with ... (Opacity) actions
  • BUG:351548 Make a transform tool work with Pass Through group layers
  • Fix parsing XML with MSVC 2012
  • Make all the lines of paintop options look the same
  • BUG:351560 Make sure a default KoColor is transparent
  • Lots of memory leak fixes (pointers that weren't deleted are now deleted)
  • BUG:351497 Blacklist "photoshop":DateCreated" when saving
  • Only add shortcuts for Krita...
  • Only ask for a profile for 16 bits png images, since there we assume linear by default, which is wrong for most png images.
  • Don't build the thumb creator on Windows or OSX
  • Revert "Revert "Use the KisColorTransformationConfiguration""
  • BUG:350498 Work around encoding issues in kzip
  • BUG:348099 Better error message in PNG export
  • Don't rename resources.
  • BUG:336693 Also change the color selector when selecting a vector layer
  • BUG:349554 Remove old compatibility code
  • BUG:349571 Disable the opacity setting for the shape brush
  • Initialize KoColor to black, as per apidox
  • CCBUG:351411 Add some explanation to the recovery dialog
  • BUG:321361 Load resources from subfolders
  • CCBUG:345619 Recreate a default bounds object on every KisMask::setImage() call
  • CCBUG:321361 Create subfolders for presets
  • BUG:349819 Fix a severe crash in Transformation Masks
  • BUG:349819 Add a barrier between sequentially undone commands with setIndex
  • Fixed API of KisPNGConverter to not acces the entire KisImage
  • BUG:351383 Check which color spaces PNG supports before passing the preview device to it
  • CCBUG:351298 Save CMYK JPEG's correctly
  • BUG:351298 Do not crash saving 16 bit CMYK to JPEG
  • BUG:351195 Fix slowdown when activating "Isolate Layer" mode
  • Fix loading of selection masks
  • BUG:337187 Accept events so oxygen doesn't get them
  • [FEATURE] Keep Selection Masks while merging layers
  • BUG:345560 Added optional flags to KisDocument::openUrl() and made "File Layer" not add its file to the recent files list.
  • BUG:351224 Fix crash when activating Passthrough mode for a group with transparency mask
  • BUG:347798 Don't truncate fractional brush sizes on eraser switch (Patch by Alexey Elnatanov. Thanks! )
  • BUG:351271 Fix layout of the color options page
  • Don't add new layers to the group if it is locked
  • Transform invisible layers if they are part of the group
  • BUG:345619 All Drag & Drop of masks
  • optimisize advanced color selector.
  • Select the right list item in the fill layer dialog
  • BUG:349871 Remove excessive qDebug statements.
  • BUG:349514 Remove the non-working fast grid settings
  • BUG:344490 Make the luma inputboxes aware of locale
  • BUG:348940 Don't crash if there isn't a pattern
  • BUG:350128 Fix location of colon in color management settings
  • BUG:351193 Don't hang when isolating a layer during a stroke
  • BUG:349621 Palette docker: Avoid showing a horizontal scrollbar
  • Stamp and Clipboard brush fixes
  • Sort the dockers alphabetically
  • BUG:349732 Add the toolbox to the docker menu
  • BUG:351185 Make it possible to R-select layers in a pass-through group
  • BUG:350298 Set a minimum width for the tool option popup
  • BUG:351164 Fix build on ARM
  • Fixing pattern png loading on bundles
  • Don't stop loading a bundle when a wrong manifest entry is found
  • BUG:349333 fix inherit alpha on fill layers
  • Fix to resource md5 generation
  • BUG:348981 Fix full-screen/canvas-only state confusion (Patch by Alexey Elnatanov, Thanks! )
  • BUG: 345195 Brush editor Stamp and Clipboard refactoring
  • BUG:351005 Don't crash on closing krita if the filter manager is open
  • Fix a memory leak in KisWeakSharedPtr
  • BUG:350803: Re-enable antialias for selection tools.
  • BUG:347285: Open the Krita Manual on F1 on all platforms
  • Update all the action icons when the theme is changed
  • BUG: 341899 Workaround for Surface Pro 3 Eraser
  • Fix an issue with mimetype detection
  • BUG:350588 Fix a crash when PSD file type is not magic-recognized by the system
  • BUG:350280 Fix a hangup when pressing 'v' and 'b' in the brush tool simultaneously
  • BUG:350280 Fix crash in the line tool.
  • BUG:350507 Fix crash when loading a transform mask with a non-affine transform
  • BUG:349479 Fixed Flatten Layer and Merge Down actions for layer with layer styles (14th of July)

  • BUG: 349770 fix .desktop validation, MimeTypes= key needs trailing ;
  • Check for absolute paths in the layer's filename
  • (g'mic) Fix viewport preview generation
  • Fix loading png brushes on CentOS
  • KRA: Check whether writing out data succeeds
  • BUG:350043 Don't crash when saving lab kra files (9th of July)

  • BUG 350031 Fix a bug in Transform Tool with applied a bogus transformation when continued.
  • BUG:347851 Use name filters instead of mimetypes(GMIC)
  • Fix linking of crashreporter on Windows
  • BUG:349988 Fix GMIC filters that are added by update definitions
  • Fix for slider not setting the value
  • BUG:344012 Fix trimming of canvas by fixing exactBounds().

2.9.6 (7th of July)

  • BUG:346932 Fix crash when saving a pattern to a *.kra
  • Make Group Layer return correct extent and exact bounds when in pass-through mode
  • Make fixes to pass-through mode.
  • Added an optional optimization to slider spin box
  • BUG:348599 Fix node activating on the wrong image
  • Fix a misprint in psd_pattern.cpp
  • BUG:349792 Fix deleting a color in the palette docker
  • BUG:349823 Fix scale to image size while adding a file layer
  • Fixed wrapping issue for all dial widgets in Layer Styles dialog
  • Fix calculuation of y-res
  • BUG:349598 Prevent a divide by zero
  • BUG:347800 Reset cursor when canvas is extended to avoid cursor getting stuck in "pointing hand" mode
  • BUG:348730 Fix tool options visibility by default
  • BUG:349446 Fix issue where changing theme doesn't update user config
  • BUG:348451 Fix internal brush name of LJF smoke.
  • BUG:349424 Set documents created from clipboard to modified
  • BUG:349451 Make more robust: check pointers before use
  • Use our own code to save the mergedimage for kra and ora (is faster)
  • BUG:313296 Fix Hairy brush not to paint black over transparent pixels in Soak Ink mode
  • Fix PVS warning in hairy brush
  • (gmic) Try to workaround the problem with busy cursor
  • BUG:348750 Don't limit the allowed dock areas
  • BUG:348795 Fix uninitialized m_maxPresets
  • BUG:349346 (gmic) If there is selection, do not synchronize image size
  • BUG:348887 Disable autoscroll for the fill-tool as well.
  • BUG:348914 Rename the fill layers (20th of June)

  • BUG:349026 Do not localize 'All' resource tag(this prevented resources showing up when localised)
  • BUG:348997 Don't crash when saving after saving failed (this would sometimes cause crashes on autosave)
  • BUG: 344968 Fix preset docker flickering and slowdown
  • BUG:349394 Disable autoscroll for the contiguous selection tool
  • Don't hangup when changing background color in the properties dialog
  • BUG:349374 Don't assert but warn when we don't have enough score values
  • Initialize current colorspace correctly in the Convert Color Space dialog
  • Fix Ctrl+ and Ctrl- standard zoom shortcuts in multiview mode
  • BUG:349292 Don't try to allocate an entire image worth of bytes in one go. (19th of June)

  • Only set the resolution using tiff tags if they exist, this caused issues with Krita saving JPEG files.
  • BUG:349078 Fix trimming an image under Filter Layers
  • BUG:324505,294122 Fix Adjustment layers composition
  • Bug 349185 Fix explicitly showing the cursor when the Stabilizer is active
  • Fix showing a floating message when switching MDI subwindows
  • BUG:348533 Fixed a bug when the tools became disabled after new document creation
  • BUG:331708,349108 Fix a crash when redoing actions
  • BUG:348737 Fix copy/pasto: fade isn't speed
  • BUG:345762 Mirror View now correctly remembers which subwindow is mirrored.
  • BUG:349058 Fixed bug where rulers were only visible on the canvas that was active when the option was first toggled. Fixed similar bugs with Mirror View and Wrap Around Mode.
  • BUG:331708 Fix a crash when trying to redo after canceling a stroke
  • Fixes an issue where some config files may not be picked up by the config system.
  • BUG:299555 Change cursor to "forbidden" when active layer is locked or can't be edited with the active tool.
  • BUG:345564 Don't warn about image file being invalid after user cancels "Background Image (overrides color)" dialog while configuring Krita
  • BUG: 348886:Don't scroll up the list while adding or removing resources to the bundle
  • fix default presets for bristle engine, restoring scale value to 1
  • fixed a small bug in wdglayerproperties.ui that made the color profile not show up properly in the layer properties dialog. Patch by Amadiro, thanks!
  • BUG: 348507 Fix issue with import PDF dialog resolution
  • BUG:347004 Filter preview button difficult to see state
  • BUG:345754 Fixes perspective assistant lockup
  • Remember current meta-data author.
  • BUG:348726 Be more careful when 'smart' merging metadata
  • BUG:348652 Correctly initialize the temporary swap file
  • Fix loading PSD files saved in OpenCanvas

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