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Animation features GUI list

Animation Docker


  1. Control current time and playback parameters
  2. Control playback range
  3. Create/Copy/Remove current frame
  4. Activate "Auto Frame Mode" which creates a frame on the first stroke on it
  5. Configure onion skins

Timeline Docker


  • active layer --- a highlighted row in the table. One can change active layer by clicking on the layer's name at the left header. It is not possible to change a layer by clicking inside the table for not disturbing user when scrubbing on the timeline
  • current time --- a highlighted column in the table. Shows current image time.
  • active frame --- a frame of the active layer at the current time position. Active frame is always marked with a small circle inside. All editing operations happen with this frame only! WARNING: don't mix it with current selection!
  • current selection --- just a selection. Can be created by mouse or keyboard. One can right-click on it to get a context menu to add/remove frames at that position. WARNING: active frame should not necessarily be a part of the selection; painting happens in the active frame, not in the selection
  • cached frames --- the gray rectangles at the top header show if the corresponding image frame is cached or not. Cache is used for 1) playback; 2) scrubbing.
  • framerate --- the ruler at the top is divided into small sections, multiples of the framerate. Multiples of the framerate has double-line mark, and smaller counts have small single-line marks

GUI actions

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