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Status Description Notes
DONE Bounded pooler implementation waiting for review
TO DO Move the stress tests to a separate folder. Make them run on cruncher1 regularily <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Optimize mask generation code with some complex maths <{{{3}}}>
TO DO ROI for the scheduler <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Multithreading subsystem for tools <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Remove mutexes from KisTile. Try to avoid all the writes to the shared memory areas to reduce contestion <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Fix KisWeakSharedPointer to return null, instead of wrong pointer in Release mode needs discussion <{{{3}}}>
TO DO New API for paintops to be able to save some data between stokes <{{{3}}}>
DONE Avoid creation of big QImages
TO DO bug 266687 <{{{3}}}>
DONE bug 265528 waiting for review
DONE clean up KisLayerBox waiting for review

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