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Big merge checklist

If you are going to merge something big, and especially if this something big needs a new/updated dependencies, like Vc, libgsl or anything else, please follow this checklist to make sure your change doesn't introduce any unexpected problems the next day it gets merged :)

  1. Create your own branch yourname-feature[-phabricator_id_if_present]
  2. [OPTIONAL] Add a patch review to the Differential review board
  3. If you your branch introduces/changes Krita dependency:
    • send a mail to the mailing list asking people to build this dependency and test your branch
    • ask sysadmins to update this dep on KDE CI system
  4. Make sure you branch compiles on:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • OSX
  5. Ask Dmitry to check/update dependencies on Krita Lime
  6. Now you are ready to merge!

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