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Part-time plan

  • Bugs Fixed (end-September - October)
308060	krita 	Line and Polyline tools ignore opacity and flow values
307769	krita 	brush outline does not represent brush and leaves artefacts 
307588	krita 	rotation of .gih brushes is broken
304369	krita 	mask origin is messed up on saving/loading
305782	krita 	Scale a layer in X axis, then Undo causes a layer has jump left or right
273918	krita 	The channel docker is broken
294122	krita 	Filter layers over a transparent background also display their source (minus the filter effect) - 100% replicatable
309099 	krita 	Crash on creating an Adjustment Layer with Blur filter
  • Implement a cache for dabs --- DONE
  • Implement compositioning using Vc --- DONE (November)
  • Implement per-architecture builds for Vc code (for packaging) --- DONE (December)
  • Fix failing unittests --- DONE (end-November)

  • Bugs Fixed (November - begin-December)
[1]	When moving a layer that is fully selected it should not create an empty layer
[2]	Undo/Redo of Select and Deselect commands sometimes causes a crash
[3]	Experimental paintop is slow 
[4]	Zoom center is wrong (was: Canvas Interaction feedback)
[5]	Zoom factor : unify 'mouse wheel zoom' and keyboard zoom ( Ctrl +  , and Ctrl  - )
[6]	Krita color source in brush engine bad behaviour. 
[7]	Move tool no longer moves current layer/layer with content 
  • Bugs --- work in progress
[8]	Krita has wrong sampling of edges on transformations
  • Bugs --- yet to be fixed
[9]	16 and 32 bits float : Layer "lock" when moving exposure

Full-time Plan for January (Month of Transformations)

Three general topics of the work were:

  • fixing Transformation artifacts (border, sampling, pixels on edge)
  • fixing bended lines for openGL canvas (works not for all video cards)
  • implementing real-world-looking texturing option for brushes as suggested by David Revoy in [10]

Bugs fixed (January):

[11]	problems with transform tool: undo, handles, bigger selection
[12]	One pixel transparent line shown after scaling. Was: Scaling images 75% creates "blocky pixelation" with all 3 scaling algorithms 
[13]	Krita has wrong sampling of edges on transformations 
[14]	Mirroring Layer along X or Y with non-even image size creates a one-pixel line at left/top 
[15]	Krita crashes when merging down a clone layer 
[16]	First Undo of Layer Rotate and Layer Shear for shape layers works wrong 
[17]	Undo of the mirror of a layer with mask and a clone produces wrong result 
[18]	Transform tool does not giving expected results 
[19]	Undo of the intermediate switch into Wrap Mode in the Transform Tool works wrong 
[20]	Filter selection of the Transform Tool in not undoable 
[21]	Transforming of a semi-transparent layer with Transform Tool crops the result by initial layer bounds 
[22]	transform tool makes QImage copy of layer 
[23]	Crash when rotating selection 
[24]	transform tool switches back to previous layer on undo 
[25]	After applying transformation with the Return key (at numpad) the shortcuts in KisShortcutManager do not work 
[26]	[wish] Transform tool Preview only mode 
[27]	When turning trilinear filtering on/off without changing canvas type the change takes place only after Krita restart 
[28]	Scaling from very high to very low resolution produces bad quality image. 
[29]	[wish] New default keyboard shortcut 
[30]	Suggestion to improve the transformation tool. 
[31]	Transform Tool cursors are wrong when the canvas is rotated 
[32]	crash during the calculation of a rotation while rotating the canevas (!) 
[33]	[lasso tool] unable to see the drawing path using OpenGL canvas 
[34]	Image > rotate images , freeze Krita ( stop at 90% or 51% ) 
[35]	Transform - remove dark shadow, don't display old position, full opacity for new position (feature request for texturing) 
[36]	[Pixel brush - Texture] Thought for fixing the feature, Pressure dynamics linked to "Mask out - Black cutoff" 
[37]	Transform Tool crashes when applied to a Filter Layer

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