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* [[krita/V2.3UserFacingFeatures|New User Facing Features Added in Krita 2.3]]
* [[Krita/PentalisRoadMap|Pentalis' Tasklist (Asynchronous Roadmap)]]
* [[Krita/PentalisRoadMap|Pentalis' Tasklist (Asynchronous Roadmap)]]
* [[Krita/ToDo|ToDo]]
* [[Krita/ToDo|ToDo]]

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General explanations


The roadmap contains the goals the Krita team members have committed to attempt for 2.2. The Action Plan contains the working plan for Lukas Tvrdy, if we can manage to get the money to have him work full-time for the period of the plan.


Design documents


Documentation (WIP)



The Krita team has two Wacom intuos tablets, two stylusses and two art pens. They are currently with:

  • Lukas Tvrdy: one tablet, stylus art pen
  • Sven Langkamp: one tablet
  • Cyrille Berger: stylus art pen


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