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Kopete 4 Junior Jobs

General Tasks

Visual Indicator for Identity

As it is now there is no way to quickly look and identify which identity is active. Make it so!

Proper Tab management

a) Have some consistency with hotkeys assigned to tabs

b) Allow methods to jump to the next active tab instead of cycling through all tabs

Acquiring focus of Text Entry Box

Currently if a section of the chat window other than the text entry is focused it is near impossible to get back there without the mouse. You should be able to tab back there or have some easy way to focus the text entry (isn't chatting the point? :)

Page Up "Just Works"

Currently Page up almost never works when you would expect it to. A fix for this would be good.

Importer of logs from pidgin [done]

As KDE4 is now shipping we should have people coming in from Gnome and more Windows users (both converting to Linux as well as using Kopete on Windows) Pidgin is a popular choice for all these users and a importer for the logs would be appreciated.

Drag and hover focus for tabs [done]

When links or files are dragged and hovered over the taskbar they pop up the associated window. For other tabbed applications when there is a drag and hoverover a tab that tab is given focus. Kopete should do the same.

Clickable links in users status message

This is a slight source of annoyance it would be nice to have the ability to click on a link that your contact has in their status message. It would also be nice to have the ability to highlight the text they have in the status message and copy it.

More Granular Notification control

a) Currently Kopete can notify users of all messages or only initial messages however there is no GUI control for it. One should be implemented!

b) Kopete should have a GUI way to manage notifications based on them being single chat or multiuser chat.

Brush up documentation

Better User HandBook

Better Developer Documentation

Protocol specific


Port webcam to libjasper

The Webcam currently uses a jasper executable to do it's work. This could be done using the libs making it an overall better solution.

Kopete Konsultant: andred

Skills needed: Qt, C++