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Some welcome text. One sentence summary of Kirigami. What this documentation contains. Can skip around if needed. Target audience of the docs. Note about "Living document", constantly changing.

Question: Do we want it to be always changing or should we have "stable releases", perhaps per Kirigami release?

What is Kirigami

More detailed explanation of Kirigami, vision/mission. Relation to Qt Quick and Qt Quick Controls. Part of KDE, where it is used.

What it can do/What it provides

Features offered by Kirigami. Set of controls. Predefined behaviors.

What it can't do

Limitations. Behavior/appearance on Android.


What developers need to get started using Kirigami.

What you need to know (knowledge)

Qt, Qt Quick, maybe C++.

What else?

What you need to have (system)

Qt version, KF5?, compilers, Android toolchain.

Quickstart Guide

Short tutorial on the easiest demo program. Including how to compile/build.

Probably desktop is best for this case?

Building Kirigimi Applications

Instructions on the compilation and installation process for Kirigami applications per platform. Using CMake and maybe qmake. Deployment/packaging.

For Desktop




For Mobile

Plasma Mobile


Kirigami Controls

Explanation with screenshots of the different Kirigami controls and items. Code samples. Notes on how to use properly.

Note: Slight overlap with apidocs but that's not complete or ideal for QML at the moment.


Explanation of relation to the KDE HIG. External link.

KDE Human Interface Guidelines

Plasma Mobile

Relation to Plasma Mobile. Example of Kirigami apps on Plasma Mobile.

Plasma Mobile


Full examples of common/easy applications. With source code and cmake/project files

Contributing and Contact

Notes about interested contributors to the project.


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