This page exists to have a bird's-eye view to what's up in the project now and what would happen over time. It is useful to have up-to-date items for the contributors so we can synchronize, set priorities and share or exchange some tasks when possible. Synchronization is especially important when working in multiple time zones or just different hours. Please put top-priority/current tasks at the top of your section. You can add expected date of task termination as the task's prefix. When done, move the task to your DONE section (again, recently finished tasks at the top).


diggy: TODO

From [1]

  • Implement Detach Window
    • "New Window" - creates new empty kexi main window with prj navigator and tabbed toolbar
    • Detach tab - do the same as in "New Window", close current tab and open it in the new window; never destroy the object's view but just reparent
    • Attach tab - close the tab in the "New Window", if the new window is empty, close it, attach the tab to place it was attached to before; never destroy the object's view but just reparent
  • Full screen; F11
  • Split function for any view; vertical, horizontal; start with internal (in view, per view); consider external one
    • Split View, as in Kate's View menu: Previous Split View Shift+F8; Next Split View F8; Split Vertical CTRL+Shift+L; Split Horizontal CTRL+Shift+H; Close Current View CTRL+Shift+R; needs synchronisation when data is changed and filters are applied
    • Dual View: Split View with Table or Query on top and related Autoform below - when launched from table or query; Split View with Form on top and related Table view below - when launched from form

diggy: DONE

  • Quick bugfix: RMB menu should be related to clicked tab, not always the active one


piggz: TODO

piggz: DONE


shreya: TODO

shreya: DONE

  • Send Sprint minutes to jstaniek


staniek: TODO

staniek: DONE

  • Fix crash on db compacting when ~/foo/bar/kexi file was opened from command line
  • Request Kexi forum at
  • Fix Import to table in Kexi ignores setting of "ignore multiple delimiters"
  • Fix Query SQL generated in the Query designer should be of KEXISQL type
  • Work on redesign of the front page
    • Marketing approach - rant
    • Web page inspirations: iWork, MSO for mac, Pixelmator
  • Fix unicode collations
    • add dep on ICU
  • Write blog entry: Integration idea: Shared Calligra Themes
    • Create two mockups showing synergy between Kexi and Words
  • Calligra branding for Kexi menu
  • ODP template with Calligra logo for Inge, test with Calligra-intro.odp
  • Write blog entry: Eating our dog food
  • Fix bug with recent Kexi files storage and opening (reported by piggz)
  • Finish review of proofreading Kexi i18n messages by Stephanie Das Gupta
    • remove strings referring to IDEAl and commit to master (Monday)
  • Update screenshots at
  • update changelog for kexi beta 4 [6]
  • update changelog for kexi beta 3 [7]
  • fix windows compilation bugs for Kexi
  • More logo guidelines work [8]
  • Send info on missing Handbook items compared to the Polish Handbook (to Dimitrios)
  • Find files for d-pointer-ing (Code-in tasks for Shreya)
  • Write blog entry: Introduction to Kexi [9]
  • More logo guidelines work [10]
  • Code-in tasks for Shreya
  • Logo Guidelines Draft 3 published [11]


wicik: TODO

  • Learn QTest and start implementing tests for predicate library.
  • Implement asynchronous marble maps.

wicik: DONE


Oleg: TODO

Oleg: DONE

  • implement KexiDBCommandLInkButton, KexiDBSlider and KexiDBProgressBar

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