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List of changes

Visit query for list of formally registered and fixed bugs.

For Kexi, the visual database creator, 2.8 version is focused on improving quality of existing features. Thanks to close collaboration with users of Kexi, about 30 issues has been identified and fixed. The only new feature is ability to open hyperlinks in forms. But the big news is that the app is now available to build and run on Windows for the first time in 2.x series.


  • Windows version

Main Window

  • Welcome view: hide placeholder for templates by default so users won't be confused.
  • Fix some untranslated strings. Bug #320168.
  • Use KDE4's "new" emblem for "create" icons, improve query and report icon.

Table Views

  • Fix misplaced combo box editor and unnecessary scroll bars:
    • Misplaced editor in table view's combo box for right alignment. Bug #330885.
    • Scroll bars sometimes appear in combo box popup even when they are not needed. Bug #330886.
  • Re-add missing "Clear Table Contents" action (regression in Kexi 2.x). Bug #331039.


  • Track changes better when switching from visual to SQL view. Query statement is now updated when needed in the SQL view.
  • Make queries with lookup field and table alias work. Bug #330910.
  • Do not add table name in a generated SQL when not needed. Bug #331259.


  • New: Add support for opening hyperlink via a form button. Wish #308832.
  • Make text in form combo box not trimmed. Bug #329716.
  • Fix bug: data is not saved in form combo boxes. Bug #329141.
  • Make Shift+Return (save record edit) and Escape (cancel field/record edit) shortcuts work in table and form data views (regression in Kexi 2.x). Bug #330138.
  • Improve focus, keyboard interaction and painting in table and form views. Bug #304989, {{bug|329892}:
    • Focus combo box after accepting or cancelling selection in combo popup
    • Show focus in combo box after accepting or cancelling row changes
    • Remove focus from combo box after clicking outside of its popup
    • Improve appearance of combo box' button in table view
    • Fix missing re-display of table view combo box popup
    • Fix focus in table view combo box popup
    • Make clipboard shortcuts work again in table view cells
    • Properly set focus inside table view after activation


  • Fix tool tips of the page navigator of Kexi's report view.
  • Make certain warning messages translatable. Bug #320168.
  • Disable custom page sizes for reports to avoid crashing. Will be fully re-enabled after 2.8.0.

Database drivers

  • PostgreSQL: enable use of a pqxx 4.x library. This makes the driver more available in some Linux distributions. Bug #328380.

List of missing or discontinued features compared to previous version is also available.



Known bugs

  • Chart element for reports disappeared. Restored in 2.8.7.

Missing or discontinued features in 2.8

None identified compared to 2.7.