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See also Feature Plan for Kexi.

List of changes


  • Force lower case letters for object identifiers (except for widget names)
    • Also fix support for objects renamed to not-all-lowercase in earlier version of Kexi.
    • Bug #306523

Database Support Library (KexiDB)

  • Keep table names in original format but compare them in case-insensitive way when needed. This way importing from databases with tables upper-case characters works.
  • SQLite Driver: Fix possible data loss of compacted file when tools crash or fail for any reason

Database Migration

  • Fix invalid SQL generation for database import
  • Fix importing from databases when table names contain upper-case characters

Main Window

  • Fix crashes on Kexi closing
  • display names in tab bars, not captions (for consistency); names are displayed in the Project Navigator too

Table Designer

  • Fix possible crash when saving changes to design of table used elsewhere

Query Designer

  • Fix: Missing "*" (All Columns) item in Query Designer (it was present in Kexi 2.2 and ealier)

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