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Before creating tarballs

  • Update checkboxes and dates at Kexi/Schedules.
  • Update version info in the source code:
    • KEXI: in kexi.git/cmake/modules/SetKexiVersionInfo.cmake
    • KEXI: in kexi.git/CMakeLists.txt
    • KDb: project() in kdb.git/CMakeLists.txt
    • KProperty: project() in kproperty.git/CMakeLists.txt
    • KReport: project() and maybe REQUIRED_KPROPERTY_VERSION in kreport.git/CMakeLists.txt
  • Major version: Update stable_kf5 in repo-metadata.git/projects/calligra/kexi/i18n.json, projects/extragear/libs/kdb/i18n.json, projects/extragear/libs/property/i18n.json, projects/extragear/libs/kreport/i18n.json
  • Update version in craft-blueprints-kde.git/extragear: kexi/kexi.py, kdb/kdb.py, kproperty/kproperty.py, kreport/kreport.py
  • Test Windows installer
  • Collect changelog items (use git-changelog tool: TODO share it), use the template.
  • Extract release highlight and attach screenshots

Creating tarballs

Dear Admin,
Please publish these tarballs and sig files from ftp://depot.kde.org/incoming/, thanks!

(Beta, RC: TARGET=unstable)
(Final: TARGET=stable)

kexi* -> $TARGET/kexi/src/
kdb* -> $TARGET/kdb/src/
kreport* -> $TARGET/kreport/src/
kproperty* -> $TARGET/kproperty/src/


Information updates

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