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General highlight: focus of the 3.2 release has been put on improving stability of KEXI and KEXI frameworks, KDb, KProperty, KReport. API of these frameworks is backward compatible with the 3.1.0 version. It is also is guaranteed to be stable until the 4.0.0 release.

Since the 3.1.0 release KEXI and the frameworks received over ?????????? improvements and bug fixes.

Documentation of the frameworks has also improved and is available at, although tutorials and reference have to be added in coming releases. KEXI user's manual is outdated as it covers older versions 2.x. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

KEXI 3.2.x depends on the KEXI frameworks in version 3.2.x or newer. It may or may not work with older versions. Just like the KDE Frameworks, we recommend to upgrade all the KEXI frameworks to the same version.

Changes in KEXI


Date, Date/Time and Time type support has improved. TODO

  • 3.2.0 Beta 1 (3.1.91)
    • General
    • New features
    • Bug fixes
    • Optimizations
    • Improvements
    • Documentation and examples

Changes in KDb

KDb is a database connectivity and creation framework for various database vendors.


  • 3.2.0 Beta 1 (3.1.91)
    • New features / APIs
      • eef6b7c9 Add Date/Time classes for precise type support (Bug #393094)
      • 5b700dfd Add support for the Date/Time constants in the SQL parser (Bug #393094)
      • e5c3a99d Add KDbConnection::drv_getTableNames for low level list of table names, make tableNames() skip names with non-existing physical tables (Bug #392112)
      • d1c526ca Rework KDbConnection::drv_getTableNames API so error information is passed
    • Bug fixes
    • Improvements
      • d141d8a5 Add quotes when escaping identifiers only when string is not empty, invalid identifier or KDBSQL keyword
      • eac0f7b7 KDbUtils::stringToFileName(): Prepend '_' to recent project filenames that start with "." so files are not hidden
      • 4fdf53a5 Improve transliteration features by switching to unidecode
    • MySQL / MariaDB support
      • 94675801 Improve MariaDB detection on Windows builds, separately from MySQL
    • SQLite support
    • PostgreSQL support
    • Tests
      • 4867d51e HeadersTest: Use install_manifest.txt to obtain list of files, this improves accuracy, no need for blacklisting
      • f8116d03 KDbTestUtils: add convenience APIs for connecting and using db, support connection options
    • Buildsystem
      • 8bcde5e6 Copy new FindICU.cmake from cmake and port to it
      • 33392735 ICU is required so do not check for it again in the sqlite driver's build

Changes in KProperty

KProperty is a property editing framework with editor widget similar to what is known from Qt Designer.


  • 3.2.0 Beta 1 (3.1.91)
    • New features / APIs
      • f4cc272 Allow to override behavior of URL editors
        • added KPropertyEditorItemEvent and KPropertyEditorView::handlePropertyEditorItemEvent()
      • cd04f74 Add support for relative URL types and classes KPropertyComposedUrl, KPropertyComposedUrlEditor
        • Added ComposedUrl type
    • Bug fixes
      • 95f521f Remove infinite loop while resizing double spin box editor
    • Buildsystem
      • 9ea3375 Fix data install dir for Windows, make icons installed relative to that, make icons coinstallable

Changes in KReport

KReport is a framework for the creation and generation of reports in multiple formats.


  • 3.2.0 Beta 1 (3.1.91)
    • New features / APIs
    • Bug fixes

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