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In addition to Kexi, for benefit and convenience of fellow software engineers, we're sharing frameworks originally developed within the Kexi Project (that is KDb, KProperty, KReport). There are marked with the same version as Kexi and are prepared for general, standalone usage. For general convenience the frameworks tend to be released in the same time as Kexi.

Check out you Linux distribution for binary packages, tell your distributor if they are missing. Universal packages for Linux and Windows will come be a bit later.

Kexi 3 offers the same list of features as Kexi 2 and uses the same format for .kexi files and server projects. Exceptions: no scripting (in Kexi 2 it was present as experimental) and (in 3.0) no "map" elements. Further Kexi version would of course get new features not present in Kexi 2.

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Note: source code downloads for now. The code is known to build and run with Linux (gcc) and MS Windows (msvc).

Signatures can be verified using gpg --verify file.sig file. User-ID: Jarosław Staniek <>, Key-ID: 1B6524DB, Fingerprint: 4866 BAF7 13B4 6567 7A40 5964 3C7C 0E20 1B65 24DB, GPG key: here.

3.0.0 Alpha 1

September 14, 2016

Kexi kexi-2.99.90-1.tar.xz (signature)
KDb kdb-2.99.2.tar.xz (signature)
KProperty kproperty-2.99.2.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-2.99.2.tar.xz (signature)

3.0.0 Beta 1

September 19, 2016

Kexi kexi-2.99.91.tar.xz (signature)
KDb kdb-2.99.3.tar.xz (signature)
KProperty kproperty-2.99.3.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-2.99.3.tar.xz (signature)


October 5, 2016

Kexi kexi-3.0.0.tar.xz (signature)
KDb kdb-3.0.0.tar.xz (signature)
KProperty kproperty-3.0.0.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-3.0.0.tar.xz (signature)

3.0.0 Changes

Changes in Kexi

  • 3.0.0 Alpha 1 (2.99.90)
    • Initial Alpha release
    • Ported all modules known from version 2.9.11 except for:
      • map form widget
      • experimental scripts (will be replaced with JavaScript solution in later versions)
  • 3.0.0 Beta 1 (2.99.91)
    • 6a3fe65 Avoid displaying "(I18N_ARGUMENT_MISSING)" for one complicated message
    • c9e6040 Remove unused & outdated check for MarbleControlBox::setMarbleWidget
    • b6bc638 Make more generic so it can be easier reused by other projects such as KReport
    • 66011ce If git information is not available try ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/GIT_VERSION
  • 3.0.0
    • New: Completely new PostgreSQL database driver, based on libpq. The old one less stable based on libpqxx is discontinued.
    • New: Many improvements in handling database migration, importing e.g. from MS Access to MySQL, then to PostgreSQL, then to SQLite is much more reliable than in Kexi 2.
    • New: Most icons now use the Breeze theme, Kexi is now optimized for this theme as well as the Breeze widget style, and this is the default look.
    • 6dfcb06 Fix build when KEXI_GIT_SHA1_STRING is defined but not KEXI_GIT_BRANCH_STRING (e.g. on Jenkins
    • f74a160 Extend full Kexi version info so major.minor.release is also present for unstable, e.g. 2.99.91
    • 8e39416 Make command line options work again Task #3805
    • b29e54f Show the Welcome page at startup 100ms later to fix vertical position issue
    • 4a07af5 Port QRegExp to QRegularExpression in Kexi (Task #1767)
    • 1a3b13e Add "Switch Application Language" action to the global action collection
    • 6591eb2 Disable extra actions that may be in conflict with the Welcome page (e.g. Donate)
    • 8880ecb Fix moving to another field if input mask is present (for table cell and form widget)
    • e43e8e4 Fix broken input and display of Date/Time values in Kexi tables and forms (Task #3901, Review #2924)

Changes in KDb

  • 3.0.0 Alpha 1 (2.99.2)
    • Initial Alpha release, contains the same features as the report designer library of Kexi 2.9.11, plus:
  • 3.0.0 Beta 1 (2.99.3)
    • 6fbd390 Find python for SDC
    • d6c5178 Output KDb plugins to a co-installable build subdir
    • 862a5e0 Output SQLite extension relative to KDb plugins co-installable build subdir
    • cb1e6da KDbTestUtils: don't crash when driver not found
    • e222064 KDbCreateSharedDataClasses: display message when Python interpreter missing
    • 83cf3f9 Test correctness of KDbDriverManager when no drivers are found
    • 1c79d93 If git information is not available try ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/GIT_VERSION
  • 3.0.0
    • abe0859 Set versions of drivers to 3.0 to match KDb version
    • d846d96 Add KDB_STABLE_VERSION_* macros
    • fbb9814 Check for exact version of drivers in manager
    • 284b480 Port QRegExp to QRegularExpression (Review #2867)
    • 0f1377f Fix INSERT prepared statement support for SQLite

Changes in KProperty

  • 3.0.0 Alpha 1 (2.99.2)
    • Initial Alpha release, contains the same features as the property editor library of Kexi 2.9.11, plus:
      • general-purpose API
  • 3.0.0 Beta 1 (2.99.3)
    • 347a580 If git information is not available try ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/GIT_VERSION
    • 1bd714b Get git rev and branch even if property widgets are not built
  • 3.0.0
    • b582a74 Improve look of the boolean editor and delegate, add null boolean editor to the example
    • 5cef157 Add icons resource file, like in Kexi and KReport
    • 2e40708 kpropertyexample: load global icon resource

Changes in KReport

  • 3.0.0 Alpha 1 (2.99.2)
    • Initial Alpha release, contains the same features as the report designer library of Kexi 2.9.11, plus:
      • reusable API
  • 3.0.0 Beta 1 (2.99.3)
    • 3c25e8e Find python for SDC
    • 6610367 KDbCreateSharedDataClasses: display message when Python interpreter missing
    • de88a18 Fix handling of events when items are selected across scenes
    • d68306a Improve KReportExample main window by combining designer and preview widgets (Review #2795)
    • ce0214a Save/restore visual state of KReportExample
    • 8dec5d3 Show preview at startup in KReportExample
    • a23ddb8 Set layout of KReportView to 0, it's a QWidget so that's better default
    • 623c707 Improve KReportExample main window by combining designer and preview widgets
    • cf3b4c7 KReportExample: move the toolbox to the left
    • 766d14e KReportExample: use more typical config folder, set names for the dock and toolbars for better config handling
    • 9566a36 KReportExample: Write settings to dir, not org.kde/
    • 56bc035 KReportExample: Set organization domain and use it (and app name) in QSettings
    • 3b0548a KReportExample: Use KReport version as the KReportExample app's version
    • f49a302 If git information is not available try ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/GIT_VERSION
  • 3.0.0

3.0.1 Changes

Changes in Kexi

  • Buildsystem:
    • efae6bd Make it possible to find PostgreSQL 9.6
    • a7374e3 Improve icons lookup when Kexi is run without installing
    • 40d0808 Improve searching for the MySQL migration build dependencies
    • 8e54268 Keep apps in the same bin dir so resources that are kept relative to this dir can be found without installing
  • General
    • 2fbb864 Make project navigator's "single click" mode work on Windows
    • d5aae07 Use the only supported style (breeze) on Windows and Mac
    • e57a6bc Make the Status Bar not using KIO copy on Windows (to simplify the runtime)
    • b5b757b 343fd44 Fix memory leaks related to project migration
    • bd39e8a Limit size of application icon on Mac
  • Table Designer
  • Query Designer
  • Form Designer
    • 255b874 Update button form widget icon (32px)
    • 93d0b68 Add breeze icons for combobox form widget
    • 3a9d4fc Add breeze icons for frame form widget
    • 70632f0 Add breeze icons for tab widget and page
    • 802d3df Add breeze icons for groupbox widget
    • 55de5d8 Add breeze icons for data source tag
    • 601af3f Fix handling mouse release in forms

Changes in KDb

Changes in KProperty

Changes in KReport

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