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=== 3.1.0 Changes (PENDING) ===
=== 3.1.0 Changes (PENDING) ===
'''Changes in Kexi'''
See [[/3.1.0 Changes/]].
* 3.1.0 Beta 1 (3.0.94)
**{{commit|kexi|72d5368a3}} '''New:''' Add support for setting character encoding for source database to import table assistant
**Bug fixes
***{{commit|kexi|12c56e660}} Reports: Make jumping to specific page possible
***{{commit|kexi|9f7e374b2}} Reports: Keep information about type of data source (table or query). Detects if needed. ({{bug|385071}})
***{{commit|kexi|4457b59d9}} CSV import assistant: switch back to checkboxes from command link buttons
***{{commit|kexi|87b9be923}} CSV import assistant: fix layout of delimiter widget
***{{commit|kexi|1afb7fbf6}} CSV import assistant: Improve getting filename selection from the new file requester
***{{commit|kexi|c4103f731}} CSV import assistant: Single click on file requester's item moves to next page
***{{commit|kexi|10a3e4d85}} Fix broken CSV import ({{bug|386102}})
***{{commit|kexi|17fcaf440}} Rework the KexiFileRequester to use a simple and light QTreeView
***{{commit|kexi|c7385a4af}} Update mimetypes info when needed
***{{commit|kexi|608d6b4db}} Fix "wait" cursors
***{{commit|kexi|7e783f1bc}} Fix crash when deleting or renaming a table ({{bug|379078}})
***{{commit|kexi|28f684a4d}} Table Designer: don't warn about non-existing table or query when lookup fields are cleared
***{{commit|kexi|97472ba5d}} Table view's combo box editor: delete the combo button when needed, this fixes possible crash when user clicks the non-deleted button
***{{commit|kexi|d98f53f12}} Fix possible crash when table view containing combo boxes is re-used ({{bug|389029}})
***{{commit|kexi|b0eddb7aa}} Fix recent dirs handling for file widgets (bug from Kexi 3.0.x), move recent start/recent dirs handling to KexiUtils
***{{commit|kexi|f69ac59ad}} Forms: Fix double moving forward/backward on tab/backtab key press
***{{commit|kexi|1400c0fbc}} Before physical altering or deleting table ask the user to close depending table/query/report/form ({{bug|371896}}, {{task|7704}}, {{diff|8118}})
***{{commit|kexi|6cc93c7c2}} Synchronize the "dirty" flag between Design and Text views
***{{commit|kexi|619f967f1}} SQL designer: remove possible memory leak if the parsed query object is still present on destruction
***{{commit|kexi|ab0373aec}} Queries: fix possible crash in data view when the query design changes in a design view
***{{commit|kexi|6da3188a6}} Queries: after parsing the SQL only assume the query changed if the SQL differs from the previous SQL
***{{commit|kexi|80363610d}} Fix memory leak in Project data object (list of auto-open objects)
***{{commit|kexi|cbb7e9a9c}} Fix detection of single-click mode for XFCE
***{{commit|kexi|54558040c}} Improve memory management of raw SQL execution and preparing ({{diff|5772}})
***{{commit|kexi|acec3e586}} Set Cancel as default for critical question message boxes
***{{commit|kexi|e6d0010d1}} Use Delete verb rather than Remove for consistency
***{{commit|kexi|16da909e5}} Don't use empty space by object tabs (like in web browsers)
***{{commit|kexi|4adbe1bd3}} Backport experimental scripting in Kexi. ({{task|4649}}, {{diff|6037}})
***{{commit|kexi|c220b122c}} Add config file setting to force the use of KFileWidgets or simple file requesters independently of the desktop ({{task|5791}})
***{{commit|kexi|e246e138c}} Detect whether native operating system's dialogs should be used
***{{commit|kexi|ec71dc00c}} Query Designer: Improve "The query you entered is incorrect. Do you want to cancel any changes made to this SQL text?" question
***{{commit|kexi|b141d08d6}} Query Designer: Improve "Do you want to save invalid query?" question
***{{commit|kexi|ec3ed6fd9}} Import Table assistant: improve appearance of the "Finish" page and logic for buttons
***{{commit|kexi|ef638949c}} Project Import assistant: support single-click accepting of source databases if needed
***{{commit|kexi|9d113c82f}} Translations and typo fixes
***{{commit|kexi|ae73eabbc}} Add option to build without KFileWidget, default on Windows
***{{commit|kexi|1b9febfe5}} Connection selector widget: select Next step on double click, don't select on highlighting
***{{commit|kexi|12d1adf10}} Add location edit and file filter combo work in KexiFileRequester, add filename completion
***{{commit|kexi|9d63a4f52}} Reports: Remove traces of "external data" support, this is not supported since Kexi 2.3
***{{commit|kexi|ae0116bb2}} Reports: Remove no longer necessary "Set Data" button from the data source tab
**Docs and examples
***{{commit|kexi|d7a681d22}} Fix and update Simple_Database.kexi example ({{task|4737}})
* 3.1.0
'''Changes in KDb'''
* 3.1.0 Beta 1 (3.0.94)
**API changes
***{{commit|kdb|c9724af4}} Add optimized overload KDb::isIdentifier(const QByteArray&)
***{{commit|kdb|ad942b0c}} KDbUtils::Property/Set: add operators ==, !=, setCaption(), setValue(), allow Property to be not null even is there is no caption
***{{commit|kdb|da0ee94a}} KDbConnectionOptions: add operators ==, !=, add setValue(), make insert() work for valid identifiers only
***{{commit|kdb|a133a6d4}} Add some more const correctness to KDbField and KDbQueryAsterisk
***{{commit|kdb|8324d4b0}} Add d-pointer to KDbIndexSchema, improve API and docs
***{{commit|kdb|52c0091a}} Add d-pointer to KDbInternalTableSchema for future extensions
***{{commit|kdb|a004dbe7}} Add d-pointer to KDbLongLongValidator
***{{commit|kdb|2c8d47d3}} Add d-pointer to KDbQueryColumnInfo for future extensions
***{{commit|kdb|e1bbd778}} KDbConnection::TableSchemaChangeListenerInterface -> KDbTableSchemaChangeListener
***{{commit|kdb|bf289538}} Remove abbreviations from KDbResultInfo
***{{commit|kdb|95e6ba91}} Make KDbTableViewData::autoIncrementedColumn() const
***{{commit|kdb|9ba04128}} Add more QDebug operators
***{{commit|kdb|7c25225f}} Move KDbLookupFieldSchema::RecordSource to KDbLookupFieldSchemaRecordSource
***{{commit|kdb|cb098025}} Add and clean up operators ==, !=, = for KDbLookupFieldSchemaRecordSource, KDbLookupFieldSchema, PropertySet
***{{commit|kdb|47e6a5e0}} Add d-pointer to KDbOrderByColumn, use enum class for SortOrder
***{{commit|kdb|86706b3a}} Add many overloads to KDbQuerySchema, remove use of bool args, update docs
***{{commit|kdb|61473975}} KDbField, KDbFieldList, KDbQUerySchema, KDbQueryAsterisk: clean up virtuals
***{{commit|kdb|3556a61f}} Move KDbQueryAsterisk to separate files
***{{commit|kdb|3b2db65b}} Add d-pointer to KDbQueryAsterisk
***{{commit|kdb|8d196081}} Fix constructors of KDbQueryAsterisk and KDbField and improve constness
***{{commit|kdb|0da02ad6}} Replace KDbCursor options with enum ({{task|4736}}, {{diff|4957}})
***{{commit|kdb|8647bf71}} Make KDbQuerySchemaParameter implicitly shared
***{{commit|kdb|de724068}} Remove operator== from Resultable
***{{commit|kdb|d7e1200a}} Improve memory management of raw SQL execution and preparing ({{task|5992}}, {{diff|5771}})
***{{commit|kdb|3c662e74}} Pass the KDbSqlResult by value to KDb::lastInsertedAutoIncValue
***{{commit|kdb|422c62c8}} Global API change: SQL -> Sql
***{{commit|kdb|013848ab}} Remove unnecessary inline code from headers
***{{commit|kdb|06d49115}} KDbTransaction::active -> KDbTransaction::isActive
***{{commit|kdb|24da8061}} Remove redundant const KDbTableSchema* KDbQueryAsterisk::table()
***{{commit|kdb|094b7290}} Add operators ==, != for KDbQueryAsterisk
***{{commit|kdb|282a5608}} Add operator != for KDbTransaction
***{{commit|kdb|7394ee0f}} Replace boolean parameter 'table' with enum in KDbTableOrQuerySchema
***{{commit|kdb|91081ea7}} Replace boolean parameter 'owner' with enum in KDbTableViewColumn
***{{commit|kdb|5492b72c}} Use enums for KDbConnection::commitTransaction and KDbConnection::rollbackTransaction
***{{commit|kdb|499ba8a7}} Add and use KDbConnection::QueryRecordOptions
***{{commit|kdb|ad1e4880}} Add and use KDbConnection::AlterTableNameOptions
***{{commit|kdb|d7397ec6}} Add and use KDbConnection::CreateTableOptions
***{{commit|kdb|b8fad114}} KDbConnection::dropTable -> KDbConnection::dropTableInternal
***{{commit|kdb|a5d50f94}} Make KDbSelectStatementOptions implicitly shared
***{{commit|kdb|9cddfb10}} Move KDbDriverBehavior pointer to driver's d-pointer, add protected KDbDriver::behavior()
***{{commit|kdb|df0a5eab}} Add d-pointer to KDbRelationship, assignment and comparison operators, simplify header
***{{commit|kdb|22082b9b}} Add d-pointer to transaction classes, split their headers, move KDbConnection::TransactionOptions to KDbTransaction, improve docs
***{{commit|kdb|3962069c}} Improve constness of KDbTableViewColumn and related classes
***{{commit|kdb|bccf9296}} Add d-pointer to KDbField
***{{commit|kdb|0d701f0e}} Add d-pointer to KDbFieldList
***{{commit|kdb|c0c0dc1c}} Add two KDb::escapeString() helpers
***{{commit|kdb|70fb2d24}} Reduce number of assertions, make many parameters optional
***{{commit|kdb|ec8ea1af}} Make KDbConnection::loadObjectData(id) require object type, allow to pass existing query object to parser, use loadObjectData() more
***{{commit|kdb|637866b6}} Use 'cannot' instead of 'could not' for something that can never work
***{{commit|kdb|1d6ce3b6}} KDbOrderByColumnList: Remove inheritance from template classes ({{task|407}})
***{{commit|kdb|f6e1d8fd}} KDbField: Remove inheritance from template classes ({{task|407}})
***{{commit|kdb|865aaae8}} KDbFunctionExpression and KDbToken: Remove inheritance from template classes ({{task|407}})
***{{commit|kdb|3e87811c}} Make query and table objects independent of connection (decouple) ({{diff|7027}})
***{{commit|kdb|e755e3af}} Cache expanded fields of KDbQuerySchema in context of connection
***{{commit|kdb|aa2a7a43}} Make query and table objects independent of connection (decouple) ({{task|6695}}, {{diff|7027}})
***{{commit|kdb|28840f34}} Use enum class in findExe()
***{{commit|kdb|43b52dc1}} Use enum classes in KDbLookupFieldSchema and KDbLookupFieldSchemaRecordSource
***{{commit|kdb|3145dccd}} Use enum class for BLOBEscapingType
***{{commit|kdb|f8d07600}} Use enum class for KDbConnectionData::UserVisibleStringOption
***{{commit|kdb|6752c58f}} Make alias-related methods for query schema return boolean result
**Bug fixes
***{{commit|kdb|75ce1082}} SQLite driver: don't clear set of paths in extraSqliteExtensionPaths Connection property if exists
***{{commit|kdb|564a9237}} Add safer debug for large values
***{{commit|kdb|46c6f293}} Fix issues because of using " quotes for identifiers in SQLite driver ({{bug|376052}})
***{{commit|kdb|7c489ffa}} Query parsing: try harder to locate positions of table/table aliases
***{{commit|kdb|ba423b99}} Connection dialog: make message handler optional, return result, accept on success
***{{commit|kdb|06de0ced}} Fix KDbNativeStatementBuilder API: connection is always needed
***{{commit|kdb|9fb605c7}} Add COLLATION keywords when generated statements are native, otherwise KDbSQL string is invalid ({{bug|379447}})
***{{commit|kdb|a10c1be7}} Fix generating of SQL statements if there are tables used having lookup fields based on queries ({{bug|385417}})
***{{commit|kdb|e56318d1}} Aesthetics: generate "SELECT FROM ..." statements with exactly one space after SELECT
***{{commit|kdb|a2c5c9ec}} Fix crash when generating "SELECT a.* FROM a, b" statements
***{{commit|kdb|58acda41}} Generate automatic ORDER BY only for native SQL statements
***{{commit|kdb|40c07dec}} Raise SQL parse error when alias is duplicated for columns, e.g. "SELECT foo AS a, bar AS a FROM t"
***{{commit|kdb|479333c2}} Raise SQL parse error when alias is duplicated for tables, e.g. "SELECT * FROM foo AS a, bar AS a"
***{{commit|kdb|3d6032f4}} Expand scope of KDbTableSchemaChangeListener to allow registering queries for changes in table schema ({{bug|371896}}, {{task|7704}}, {{diff|8117}})
***{{commit|kdb|29bf64b2}} Properly unregister table from listeners before dropping ({{task|7703}}, {{diff|9771}})
***{{commit|kdb|7eefe215}} Setup query in connection: parsing failure can delete the query object so do not try to access it
***{{commit|kdb|48f42f04}} Query schema: fix possible crashes - explicitly/properly remove query from connection's cache when needed
***{{commit|kdb|3028f8ac}} Query schema: fix memory leaks - remove internal expressions
***{{commit|kdb|0494d6c0}} Don't create temporary table schema object when checking for existence in createTable()
***{{commit|kdb|203f29b1}} Don't create temporary table or query schema object when checking for existence object with empty name
**Docs and examples
***{{commit|kdb|0f477121}} Enable creation of API docs QCH file during the build ({{diff|3513}})
* 3.1.0
'''Changes in KProperty'''
* 3.1.0 Beta 1 (3.0.94)
**API changes
***{{commit|kproperty|81d317c}} Make KF a component that can be specified in find_package(KPropertyWidgets)
***{{commit|kproperty|d2cb9e1}} Move paintInternal() to KPropertyValuePainterInterface::paint()
***{{commit|kproperty|6f90a8f}} Make KProperty::hasOptions() look at parent property too, if possible
***{{commit|kproperty|4a27e3a}} Reduce protected API of KProperty, make d-pointers private, not protected
***{{commit|kproperty|42b1e7b}} Property groupDescription is now called groupCaption, icon is called iconName
***{{commit|kproperty|692a02d}} Reduce protected API of KPropertySet, use KPropertySetPrivate API internally
***{{commit|kproperty|80e8f6d}} Reimplement support for property groups, add API to show/hide groups ({{task|5020}}, {{diff|3957}})
***{{commit|kproperty|f97ab39}} Many enums are now enum classes, and some booleans are now QFlags
***{{commit|kproperty|ad82184}} Add missing operators !=
***{{commit|kproperty|afa69a9}} Add KPropertySet::groupNameForProperty()
***{{commit|kproperty|c37eb63}} Changes from uint to int (Qt convention)
***{{commit|kproperty|c6c5914}} Replace "unit" property option with "suffix"; add "prefix", support in double/integer/composed types ({{task|5872}}, {{diff|5419}})
***{{commit|kproperty|5eb591a}} Allow to use newline characters for captions in the property view, add KProperty::captionOrName()
***{{commit|kproperty|4a55b4b}} Add d-pointers and Q_DISABLE_COPY to composed factory APIs
***{{commit|kproperty|9b55579}} Replace KPropertyEditorCreatorInterface::Options by KPropertyEditorCreatorOptions, add d-pointers
***{{commit|kproperty|f1e24a7}} KPropertyBuffer -> KPropertySetBuffer, add d-pointer
***{{commit|kproperty|959ff43}} Improve KPropertyListData API, remove one constructor from KProperty
***{{commit|kproperty|4f247d7}} Move KPropertyListData to separate files
***{{commit|kproperty|ff64dc9}} Add d-pointer to KPropertyComboBoxEditor and move nested classess
***{{commit|kproperty|cc03c09}} Add d-pointer to KPropertyLabel
***{{commit|kproperty|b85c684}} Add d-pointer to KPropertySetIterator, add operators and copy constructor
***{{commit|kproperty|b3f950a}} Make API of KPropertySetPrivate more protected
***{{commit|kproperty|08ac635}} {{commit|kproperty|d075767}} Add d-pointers to editor classes
***{{commit|kproperty|af67dc6}} Invert logic of KProperty::ValueOption enums to simplify user's code; return result of setValue()
***{{commit|kproperty|1afd2d2}} Return true in KProperty::isModified() also when at least one subproperty is modified
***{{commit|kproperty|4e123fa}} Add KPropertySet::clearModifiedFlags() and KPropertySet::isModified()
***{{commit|kproperty|5a20f08}} Allow to remove property option by setting the option's value to null
***{{commit|kproperty|be46e3f}} Add toolTipsVisible feature to KPropertyEditorView, if enabled tooltips are visible for property editor items
**Bug fixes
***{{commit|kproperty|2e82810}} Fix painting grid over scroll areas
***{{commit|kproperty|3ae4b9b}} Fix background of multiline editor
***{{commit|kproperty|1f1ebb7}} Fix background color for multiline editor when alternate color is needed or is in readonly mode
***{{commit|kproperty|494a9ab}} Try to locate icon rcc files in PATH subdirs too, useful for running apps from the build dir, without installing
***{{commit|kproperty|cb98dcd}} Color editor: display hex color code also when the editor is active
***{{commit|kproperty|94ff37a}} Combo box icon provider: fix possible memory issue with assigning KPropertyComboBoxEditorOptions values
***{{commit|kproperty|65b4c1a}} Add translations missing in 3.0.x
***{{commit|kproperty|1b3f4c4}} Properly update properties with subproperties in the view when value or the "modify" flag changes
***{{commit|kproperty|2ad9224}} Do not display unclear "None" text when point/size/rect values are null
***{{commit|kproperty|af30f18}} Fix displaying minimum values for types having minimum value defined but no minValueText value
***{{commit|kproperty|ff32c68}} Translations: split kproperty_qt into kpropertycore_qt & kpropertywidgets_qt ({{task|3992}}, {{diff|8230}})
***{{commit|kproperty|a05c8f4}} Int/double spin boxes: do not allow to set values out of range, fix invalid ranges
***{{commit|kproperty|46b682e}} List .pot files explicitly, this allows releaseme l10n detection to work, used in KDE neon
***{{commit|kproperty|e34ed54}} Fix handling values in the URL editor
***{{commit|kproperty|aaa5e51}} Improve commit changes for the URL editor only; fixup paths
**Docs and examples
***{{commit|kproperty|f1ac05e}} Enable creation of API docs QCH file during the build ({{diff|3514}})
***{{commit|kproperty|c58d9b1}} Resize first column of the property view to contents in KPropertyExample
* 3.1.0
'''Changes in KReport'''
* 3.1.0 Beta 1 (3.0.94)
**{{commit|kreport|d5194fc276}} '''New:''' Add support for custom page width/height ({{diff|1263}})
**{{commit|kreport|3eb3ec6ff7}} '''New:''' Add more page sizes ({{task|6855}}, {{diff|8559}})
**API changes
***{{commit|kreport|83e154bb47}} Use d-pointer in KReportDocument ({{diff|3043}})
***{{commit|kreport|138351e2df}} Use d-pointer in KReportItemBase and KReportItemLine ({{diff|3286}})
***{{commit|kreport|0ee55729c2}} Remove KReportPageOptions ({{diff|3322}})
***{{commit|kreport|1b554d8e75}} Improve ORODocument ({{diff|3423}})
***{{commit|kreport|4e7e49cb2a}} Remove KReportPosition and KReportSize, port the Line item to QPointF and KProperty. ({{diff|3612}})
***{{commit|kreport|d3dbe757ad}} Remove ZoomHandler and ZoomMode from the public API
***{{commit|kreport|3ae612d44e}} Use d-pointer in KReportScriptHandler ({{diff|3741}})
***{{commit|kreport|77732e2fb5}} Use d-pointer in classes of KReportRendererBase.h ({{diff|3746}})
***{{commit|kreport|2209f06112}} Use d-pointer in KReportData and SortedField ({{diff|3757}})
***{{commit|kreport|fbac3ff79a}} Use d-pointer in KReportUnit ({{diff|3792}})
***{{commit|kreport|362b144caf}} Make KReportDpi a private non-exported class ({{task|4491}}, {{diff|3800}})
***{{commit|kreport|5abc07dd79}} API cleanups/renames related to KReportDataSource and others ({{task|4492}}, {{diff|4230}})
***{{commit|kreport|1af771ed14}} Make KReportDesignerSection constructed by KReportDesigner, hide the zoom handler, use more stack, some renames ({{diff|5120}})
***{{commit|kreport|e113f991c2}} Add missing KReportView::moveToPage(int)
***{{commit|kreport|ffcf691186}} Rename KRTextStyleData to KReportTextStyleData ({{task|4820}}, {{diff|5437}})
***{{commit|kreport|c1f6e2ae24}} Move script sourcing to its own class, with associated changes ({{diff|6036}})
***{{commit|kreport|77812dc417}} Make page break related enums enum-classes, fix API
***{{commit|kreport|5ac90cb317}} Make page break related enums in KReportDetailSectionData and KReportDetailGroupSectionData enum-classes, fix API
***{{commit|kreport|fc57429bc1}} Add more enum classes ({{diff|6758}})
***{{commit|kreport|d4af3605e6}} Clean up KReportUnit API ({{task|4967}}, {{diff|6756}})
***{{commit|kreport|084f43295a}} Use d-pointer for remaining memebers of KReportDesignerItemRectBase ({{task|6773}}, {{diff|7638}})
***{{commit|kreport|ec870b7d19}} KReportPreRenderer::setSourceData -> KReportPreRenderer::setDataSource
***{{commit|kreport|81246e54a1}} Add d-pointer to KReportSectionData and clean up the API and export it ({{diff|9893}})
**Bug fixes
***{{commit|kreport|b7ee4ca8e5}} Stability fixes from Coverity tests ({{diff|3827}})
***{{commit|kreport|e1cdb13902}} Fix build warnings and clear up init() code for items ({{diff|3891}})
***{{commit|kreport|5dadf632c2}} Fix crasg in SortedField when copy-constructing ({{diff|4005}})
***{{commit|kreport|9f1a380616}} Fix usage of QPageLayout by calling the non default constructor ({{diff|4021}})
***{{commit|kreport|bccf32cc7d}} Port QRegExp to QRegularExpression ({{diff|2889}})
***{{commit|kreport|acab7faf5d}} Remove unnescessary strings for translation ({{task|5863}}, {{diff|5418}})
***{{commit|kreport|1c74f5980a}} Linestyle width > weight
***{{commit|kreport|bc7a9debce}} Fix initialization of report elements created by user, e.g. barcodes had invalid default settings
***{{commit|kreport|7e339dc51e}} Fix field type not updating report dirty state
***{{commit|kreport|d74b78557e}} Improve detection of scripting in reports ({{task|668}}, {{diff|5700}})
***{{commit|kreport|67ee9944d1}} Set the default interpreter to Javascript if it is empty
***{{commit|kreport|f3a6b850a1}} Fix interpreter if empty
***{{commit|kreport|0944e7cf34}} Add missing features from 2.9 ({{task|1744}}, {{diff|5875}})
***{{commit|kreport|108881ef2b}} Always save the interpreter as javascript if empty ({{task|6183}}, {{diff|5965}})
***{{commit|kreport|475726960f}} Fix broken logic related to looping over report elements
***{{commit|kreport|4d79eb358a}} Fix recursion crash when item is smaller than scene ({{task|6558}})
***{{commit|kreport|19c616db56}} Change X-KReport-Priority field in .desktop files to X-KReport-PluginInfo-Priority ({{task|367}}, {{diff|6911}})
***{{commit|kreport|d3261a8252}} Fix horizontal alignment for barcode scripting and use alignment enum
***{{commit|kreport|d7b7d97bfc}} Make KReport build and kreportexample run also when KREPORT_SCRIPTING is OFF
***{{commit|kreport|8dc953ad04}} Fix crash when showing first-page section
***{{commit|kreport|01c74dd484}} Fix crash when pasting line element
***{{commit|kreport|7382bae90a}} Improve initialization of properties in Report Designer ({{diff|8518}})
***{{commit|kreport|9bd89ac975}} Use suffix option from the new KProperty instead of units; implement units locally in KReport ({{task|6559}}, {{diff|5441}})
**Docs and examples
***{{commit|kreport|1dc3c3edd9}} Enable creation of API docs QCH file during the build  ({{diff|3515}})
***{{commit|kreport|eabeab11d1}} Add and improve user scripting API docs from 2.9 ({{task|1744}}, {{diff|5894}})
***{{commit|kreport|152e9e3113}} Add brief docs for exported classes ({{diff|9401}})
* 3.1.0
**Bug fixes
***{{commit|kreport|df4177c0ac}} Fix rendering asynchronously rendered elements such as maps and web boxes ({{diff|9933}})
=== 3.1.0 Known issues ===
=== 3.1.0 Known issues ===

Revision as of 10:32, 29 January 2018

See also: Schedules | Kexi 2 releases | Building

In addition to Kexi, for benefit and convenience of fellow software engineers, we're sharing frameworks originally developed within the Kexi Project (that is KDb, KProperty, KReport). There are marked with the same version as Kexi and are prepared for general, standalone usage. For general convenience the frameworks tend to be released in the same time as Kexi.

Check out you Linux distribution for binary packages, or tell your distributor if they are missing. Universal packages for Windows will come be a bit later.

Download universal Snapshots ready to use for Linux.

Kexi 3 offers the same list of features as Kexi 2 and uses the same format for .kexi files and server projects. Exceptions: no scripting (in Kexi 2 it was present as experimental) and (in 3.0) no "map" elements. Further Kexi version would of course get new features not present in Kexi 2.

3.1.0 (PENDING)

3.1.0 Downloads (PENDING)

Note: source code downloads. The code is known to build and run with Linux (gcc, clang) and MS Windows (msvc).

Click here for info about signature verification.

3.1.0 Beta 1 (PENDING)

January 29, 2018 (3.0.94)

Kexi kexi-3.0.94.tar.xz (signature)
KDb kdb-3.0.94.tar.xz (signature)
KProperty kproperty-3.0.94.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-3.0.94.tar.xz (signature)

3.1.0 (PENDING)

February 26, 2018

Kexi kexi-3.1.0.tar.xz (signature)
KDb kdb-3.1.0.tar.xz (signature)
KProperty kproperty-3.1.0.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-3.1.0.tar.xz (signature)

3.1.0 Changes (PENDING)

See 3.1.0 Changes.

3.1.0 Known issues

  • All modules known from version 2.9.11 has been ported but these are missing:
    • map form widget
    • experimental scripts (will be replaced with JavaScript solution in later versions)



Source code downloads. The code is known to build and run with Linux (gcc, clang) and MS Windows (msvc).

Click here for info about signature verification.

You can also download universal Snapshots ready to run on Linux (last version is from May 2017).

Aug 11, 2017

Kexi kexi-3.0.2.tar.xz (signature)
KDb kdb-3.0.2.tar.xz (signature)
KProperty kproperty-3.0.2.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-3.0.2.tar.xz (signature)

3.0.2 Changes

See 3.0.2 Changes.

3.0.2 Known issues

  • See bit.ly/kexibugs



Source code downloads. The code is known to build and run with Linux (gcc, clang) and MS Windows (msvc).

Click here for info about signature verification.

You can also download universal Snapshots ready to run on Linux.

March 13, 2017

Kexi kexi- (signature)
KDb kdb- (signature)
KProperty kproperty-3.0.1.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-3.0.1.tar.xz (signature)

3.0.1 Changes

See 3.0.1 Changes.

3.0.1 Known issues

  • Bug #377579 Criterias cannot be saved in Query Designer (regression compared to 2.9)



Note: source code downloads. The code is known to build and run with Linux (gcc, clang) and MS Windows (msvc).

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3.0.0 Alpha 1

September 14, 2016

Kexi kexi-2.99.90-1.tar.xz (signature)
KDb kdb-2.99.2.tar.xz (signature)
KProperty kproperty-2.99.2.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-2.99.2.tar.xz (signature)

3.0.0 Beta 1

September 19, 2016

Kexi kexi-2.99.91.tar.xz (signature)
KDb kdb-2.99.3.tar.xz (signature)
KProperty kproperty-2.99.3.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-2.99.3.tar.xz (signature)


October 5, 2016

Kexi kexi-3.0.0.tar.xz (signature)
KDb kdb-3.0.0.tar.xz (signature)
KProperty kproperty-3.0.0.tar.xz (signature)
KReport kreport-3.0.0.tar.xz (signature)

3.0.0 Changes

See 3.0.0 Changes.

3.0.0 Known issues

  • All modules known from version 2.9.11 has been ported but these are missing:
    • map form widget
    • experimental scripts (will be replaced with JavaScript solution in later versions)
  • Bug #376970 Adding table relationships in Query Designer using drag&drop does not work (regression compared to 2.9.x)

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